The Friday Five!

1. Do you ever have those weeks when you feel like you are on that hamster wheel, just running and running and running? That’s me, right now, as I’m trying to 1) revise my new book 2) keep up with my baby and 3) try to get ready to go on vacation. You should see my house. It’s nothing but lists, on every surface, each with entirely too many things on them. But still, I am hopeful. It will get done. How will it? I don’t know. But it will.

2. Maybe it is all the chaos, but I’ve been indulging in some SERIOUS retail therapy this last week. One word: shoes. I bought a pair of red, shiny wedges with a big buckle, and a pair of black wing-tip like dress shoes AND some patent leather clogs. So now, I can’t buy any more shoes for like, two years. But still. Totally worth it. Maybe even better than real therapy! (Okay: not really. But still, good.)

3. One thing that IS helping me keep up, if barely, this week: I finally hired an assistant. She’s FANTASTIC, and one of her best qualities is that she totally understands how neurotic I am about delegating. She practically had to PULL the list I wrote from her from my hands. I swear, it’s a sickness. I’m overwhelmed, and yet I have a terrible time letting anyone else handle anything. But once I DID let go (literally, and figuratively) of course she did everything quickly and amazingly. (Sorry about the adverbs. Maybe it’s the hamster wheel?) So hopefully, at least on the business end, I will now be more organized. If not, there’s always more shoes, right?

4. Last week, I wrote about LC from The Hills, and her new YA book deal. Now comes news that Candace Bushnell, who wrote the original Sex and the City Books, has also signed on for a YA series about a teenage Carrie Bradshaw. There’s been a lot of talk on the blogosphere about the LC thing, and I’m sure this will only add to the discussion. It does seem, sort of, that YA is the new Thing To Do in terms of writing, and everyone wants a piece. But Candace Bushnell is a novelist. LC is not (or maybe she is, and we just haven’t seen her writing on The Hills? Possible, though somehow I doubt it). All I can say is that I feel like an old fogey when I think back to 1996, when my first book came out, and how different (and small) the YA market was then. It’s exploded since, and maybe there’s some bad in that, but I feel like there’s also good as well. And time will tell. It always does….

5. As I mentioned earlier, I’m taking a vacation next week, so blogging will be spotty at best. (Although we DO have many season premieres, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay off this page entirely.) In the meantime, though, I’d like to know about you. Yes, you. (Apologies to Megan McCafferty!) My friends list here on LJ recently hit 3000 people. Wow. I know a lot of you, but not everyone. So if you want to leave a note and say hello, please do. I’m always curious about who is reading this, and I am grateful to all of you. Yes, you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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