97 comments and counting…

….so I just HAVE to interrupt my vacation, if only briefly, to say thank you. And hello! It’s nice to meet you.

I just read through ALL the comments, and I have to say I’m so flattered and almost kind of verklempt. I swear I sit down most days and just bang out these entries, thinking that a few folks are reading, and it’s incredibly moving to see that so many of you check in so often. I really, really appreciate it.

(And to the girl who is now at UNC, who wrote about meeting me at the Carolina Coffee Shop, when I was with the head of the English Dept? That was a BIG turning point in my life, although you probably had no idea. So thanks for coming up and saying hello. It meant more than you know.)

I’m here on the Crystal Coast of NC, where the ocean is vast and blue, and we can see dolphins from our back deck, and the last thing I should be doing is sitting on the internet. But before I go, I have to say one last thing, and I’ve debated about it a lot. So bear with me.

I’ve made a real point, over the years I’ve done this blog, to try and keep it light and easy. I mean, there are a million other places you can read about all the heavier stuff, so I feel like it’s all right to stick to, you know, TV and flip flops and chocolate and silly stories about my baby. That’s the reason that I’ve never discussed politics here. Because I feel like you read this because you relate to something, and there’s nothing that can change that faster than realizing we might not see eye to eye on something else. But at the same time, now that I know you better, I figure, it’s okay if we agree to disagree. I’m never going to tell you who to vote for. I just want you to vote. And I’m not going to spend a lot of time debating the issues, or debating anyone, because, as I said, there are a ton of other places where you can do that. It’s like, I might love Sex and the City. You might hate it. But if we both love Friday Night Lights, we can just talk about that, and leave Carrie at the girls out of it. I still might talk about how I love SATC, and you might talk about how you like, say, Lost, or another show that isn’t my cup of tea. And that’s okay.

This is all a LONG way of saying that I think this election is important, that you should register to vote if you haven’t, and get involved to make possible the changes YOU want to see, whatever they may be.

*steps off soapbox*

Okay, I’m going back on vacation. Thank you all for checking in. Have a great week, everyone!


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