Hi there!

So I’m back, after a week at the beach that included a tropical "event" (lots of rain and wind, huge waves), some gorgeous sunny days, movie and season premiere watching, and entirely too many shrimpburgers. (For those of you who asked, a shrimpburger is fried shrimp, cole slaw, tartar sauce and ketchup, all on a bun. Served with onion rings, they are TO DIE FOR. Seriously. I will now have to work out for, like, weeks. But it was worth it. )

On the downside, my daughter caught a cold, which she then promptly passed onto her two year old cousin, so we had a lot of runny noses and fussiness. But also, crawling on the beach, shrieking at waves, and sand castle building. The shift key on my computer broke, which is making capitalizing a BIT harder; but on the flip, I spent less time online, and felt the better for it. So I think that’s pretty much the perfect vacation. For every down, at least one up.

Also, I discovered VH1 Classic. How have I never watched this channel before? Oh, my God. I was so swooning in 80’s nostalgia I almost had to bust out my leggings and rubber bracelets (the old ones, not the ones that are now, um, back in style). I don’t know yet if my DirectV carries it, but I intend to check, mostly because whenever I watch MTV these days, I feel so old because I don’t know who anybody is. But on VH1 Classic? I know EVERYONE. Oingo Boingo? Check. The Cure? You bet. Bobby Brown? PLEASE.

Now, it’s onto re-entry, which includes answering a million emails, cleaning out the fridge, making phone calls and trying to not miss the sound of the ocean TOO much. But on the flip? Premieres to watch on DVR and celeb gossip to catch up on. So it’s all good. But the ocean was really nice. Sigh….

Have a great day, everyone!
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