I’ve been back from the beach for two whole days now, and I am STILL not caught up on all my TV premieres. This has got to be a sign that I’m watching too much, right? Oh, don’t answer that.

Especially because TONIGHT is the season premiere of Friday Night Lights, one of my favorite shows of all time. However, it’s kind of confusing, because it’s only premiering on DirecTV, on a channel I’ve never even heard of. The plan, apparently, is to run it on NBC later, but I worry that putting a show that so desperately NEEDS to be discovered by viewers on a channel many don’t get won’t really help the cause. But I remain ever hopeful, and think that maybe the premiere is online someplace, so you other FNL fans don’t have to wait? Personally, I have avoided ALL spoilers and the promo that I hear is running on DirecTV, so that I can come into this new season fresh and ready. And, of course, excited. But that goes without saying.

Meanwhile, yesterday my friend and babysitter Claudia gave Sasha a late birthday present: a purse. Now, there’s history here, as Claudia and I have spent a LOT of time discussing purses, both before and since Sasha came along, as we both love a good bag. And Sasha has been really into my purse lately, if by “into” you mean literally. She loves to take everything out, one by one, and open up my wallet and toss the cards and contents all over the place. Which is cute, until you are at the drugstore or grocery and realize you don’t have your debit card, because it was most likely hurled under the bed or sofa. But whatever. Now, she has her own, a little Fisher Price one. It came with keys, a lipstick, money and a mirror. Now, I don’t know if my mother is reading this blog. But if she is, she is probably groaning. A longtime feminist, my mom ALWAYS had issue with stuff that, in her mind, was too stereotypical “girly,” which was probably why I loved it all so much. Barbies, dollhouses, pink, you name it, I was into it. My mom compensated by buying me both Barbies AND a subscription to Ms. Magazine when I was old enough to read it. I always thought she was a little extreme, until I saw Sasha with her little plastic lipstick and mirror and thought, uh-oh. Maybe I should get her a calculator for that purse. Or a copy of the Wall Street Journal. I mean, the thing is that everything that’s in her purse, I have in my own. So it’s true to life, not a stereotype. But still. On the flip side, though, my husband is probably going to buy her a dirt bike any day now, as he is DETERMINED she will be a jumping champion by her teen years. So maybe I don’t have anything to worry about?

Finally, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about appearances, and the truth is, I’m not doing all that many, mostly because I will be doing a LOT next summer when Along For The Ride comes out. However, I am doing one local event, and it’s for a really good cause, so I thought I’d give you a heads up. It’s on November 6th, in Chapel Hill, and it’s a benefit for The Women’s Center. The event is called Tea with Lee, and it’s going to be AWESOME, because Lee Smith, who is my mentor and one of my very favorite people in the WORLD, is hosting it. We’ll be talking and signing books and it’s at Foster’s Market, where the food is incredible. You can get details on tickets by clicking the Women’s Center link above.

Now, I’m off to countdown to my next encounter with Tim Riggins. It’s been so long! I hope he remembers me. (Yeah, right. I WISH!)

Have a great day, everyone!
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