Okay, so I’m totally on the run today, but I am pausing to 1)breathe and 2) share two things.

1. Today on GMA, Robin Roberts was talking about her experience with breast cancer, and she said a great thing: “Let your mess become your message.” It occurred to me that this pretty much sums up my entire career experience. I was such a mess in high school. Thank goodness I’ve been able to turn it into something worthwhile.

2. Have you tried the new Kashi cookies? No? OH.MY.GOD. I’m eating one of the oatmeal chocolate chips ones RIGHT NOW and it is divine. Yes, it’s only 9:30. What’s your point?

I’ll return soon with more, I promise. But for now, cue that noise the roadrunner always makes when he zips off the screen….

Have a good day, everyone!
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