The Five!

1. Yes, I’m considering this Friday. What can I say, it’s just been One Of Those Weeks, the kind that are so busy you start dreaming of heading off to a desert island with no internet, phone, or election commercials. (Are all the ads as nasty, from every side, as they are here in NC? It’s so negative, I swear, it’s just bad karma, I feel like). My friend Krista and I were discussing how crazy things have been lately and we decided we should declare a holiday: Get Back In Bed and Pull the Covers Over Your Head Day. A day when you can just curl up in the fetal position and check out. There’d be no pressure, because everyone ELSE would be doing it too! I think I may decide to do this tomorrow, if my daughter will cooperate. Yeah, right. Oh, well. The thought is good, at any rate.

2. A lot of you have been asking about when we’ll see a cover for Along for the Ride. The answer is: soon. Really! I have seen a few preliminary designs, and the fab folks at Penguin are still tweaking them. But as soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll post it here. Promise.

3. I’ve been SO proud of myself, because I hardly shop at all any more, and it used to be such a habit for me. I rarely go to the mall, and when I do, it’s to Target to buy diapers, not to Banana Republic to buy sweaters. See, I thought, I’m so practical now! And thrifty. Then, the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy, who I realize I’ve become, um, pretty friendly with lately. Also the man from Fed Ex. The truth: I’m not shopping anymore: I’m shopping online. Whoops. Another reason for that whole desert island thing.

4. I just went down to the mailbox, and there was my new US Weekly, with Angelina Jolie on the cover, looking INCREDIBLE in a black dress. Eleven weeks after the twins! The headline crowed. No workouts! How she does it! It was all I could do not to stop, there in my rainy driveway, and flip right to the story to find out. Because I am, um, almost sixty weeks postpartum, and I don’t look like that. And I AM working out. Maybe it’s the special European diet? Or the fact that she’s chasing six kids around, and not just one? Sometimes I wish I could bump into Angelina or J. Lo at the CVS, the way I bumped into two moms I know there today. They were both exhausted and we discussed sleep routines, busy schedules and the joyful madness that is parenting. I just wonder if, were Angelina there in line too, also waiting for her dogs’ prescription (sigh) if she would have chimed in. “I”ve got six,” she’d say. “Six!” Maybe she’d have some circles under her eyes, or some spitup on her sleeve, and be wearing an outfit that quite possibly she’d pulled off the floor for lack of better options. Maybe. But as it is, the closest we get to her is flipping through US Weekly while we wait for our name to be called. Oh, well.

5. Okay, enough moaning and kvetching. Let’s dance!

Have a great day, everyone!