I have VH1 Classic now. My live is forever changed.

How did I ever live without watching 80’s videos while I ate breakfast? It’s what I used to do when I was in middle school, before I ran out to catch the bus. Now, upteen years later, I’m doing it again, sitting there with my cereal, watching “Come on Eileen,” and “Here Comes the Rain Again,” although now, instead of having a crush on Sting and bangs, I have a baby and a To Do list. Still, though, there is something endlessly pleasurable about seeing all these videos again. They are so bad, they are good. Truly. My husband is in HEAVEN with the old metal ones. He got so excited about one by someone named Dio called “Rainbow in the Dark,” that he called up our friend Cameron and honestly kind of scared him with his enthusiasm. Maybe this should make us feel old, but really, it’s the opposite. I close my eyes, eat my Cheerios, and it’s like I’m fourteen again. For a few minutes, which is exactly how long I would want to be fourteen again. No offense, if you ARE fourteen. It’s just that once was enough.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a whirlwind of closet and drawer cleaning. This is one of the best therapies I know of, honestly. If you’re stressed out in any way, just pull out a drawer, sort and cull its contents, and you will instantly feel better. I’ve been on such a tear I have probably thrown out something I wanted to keep, but no matter, I was riding the wave and that is what matters. Now I just have to get all this stuff out of here and to the thrift shop, where someone ELSE can buy it and take it home to clutter up their closet and drawers. It’s like the circle of life, but with stuff. Hooray!

One BIG chore that also got completed this weekend—and kicked off the rest of the cleaning—-was that Parker, my fab assistant, helped me FINALLY organize all the copies of my novels I had stored in my office. They were all in cardboard boxes, and various plastic containers, mixed and mingled and dusty. After about an hour on Friday, we had them sorted, counted and packed away neatly in Rubbermaid bins. It was better than therapy, again. Also great is that now I finally know—rather than just suspecting it—that I have several copies of my books in other languages, enough for a couple of class sets. Which brings me to you. If you are a teacher, especially a teacher of German, and would like to inquire about receiving a free class set of This Lullaby or Just Listen in German, shoot us an email at assistant.reply at gmail dot com. Also, if you are a teacher in the US who could, for some reason or another, use a set of UK editions of The Truth About Forever or Just Listen, let us know at the same address. We’ve also got about twenty copies of Dreamland we’re looking to send to a teacher who would like to teach it in their class. US addresses only (sorry!) and we’ll get back to you if it looks like it will work out.

Okay, I’m off to jump into a busy week. After maybe one video. Or two. Or…

Have a great day, everyone!
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