The Big Possession Purge of 2008 has continued here, hitting its peak yesterday when I finally—after three previous tries—pitched my wedding dress into the trash. I know, I know. You may be aghast at this. But understand that my dress was 1) pretty inexpensive and 2) totally ruined because I had SUCH a great time dancing and running around at our outdoor wedding, which was held on a VERY hot day in June. I tried to get it cleaned afterwards, but the cleaner said no go, so I’ve basically held onto it for 8+ years because I thought it was bad karma or bad luck to toss it. I considered trying to make it into a pillow, or saving it for Sasha for dress up, but really, it was a goner. So yesterday, after spending three full days tossing out anything and everything, I took a deep breath, said a few kind words to it, and out it went. It wasn’t easy. But I am glad I finally did it.

There’s just something about cleaning things out. I literally feel lighter, calmer. Today I filled an entire trash bag with old discs and manuals from computers I haven’t had for years. Why did I hold onto this stuff? The same reason that I save the box from every single thing I buy. I worry I might need it later. Well, later is here. I don’t need it. Out it goes, with the dress. The last thing I have is the hardest: my closet. I need to be tough and mean and hardcore, which is why I have saved it. Anything I have not worn in a year is gone. Okay, unless it’s vintage or a jacket. Or just really cute. Or….well, you can see why I had to build up to this.

Meanwhile, speaking of clothes, the finale of Project Runway is tonight, and I am beyond excited. Although I really liked Jerrell, I’m excited that it’s three women left, and really wondering who will take it. I’ve said here before that I didn’t really bond with anyone, but if I must pull for someone—and I must—I think I’m going for Leanne. Or maybe Korto. I have all day to make up my mind, don’t I?

Finally, thanks to everyone who wrote in to my offer for some free class sets. We are currently weeding through the responses, and if we pick you, we will let you know. Stay tuned for more offers like this, as well. I found a LOT of stuff in my office over the last three days. Like about a hundred How to Deal posters. Maybe I can wallpaper a room with them or something?

Have a great day, everyone!
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