I spent the weekend running around getting ready to leave town, as I’m heading to New York tomorrow morning for a whirlwind of meetings and work stuff. Hopefully once I return I will have fun stuff to share about Along For the Ride. Maybe even a cover! Stay tuned.

Speaking of TV—and we kind of were, right?—does anyone else watch Eli Stone? I ended up watching the season premiere and liked it enough to add the first season to my Netflix list. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since it’s from the same guy who does Brothers and Sisters (which I LOVE) and Everwood (which I also like, but have only had time to watch a couple of episodes). There’s just something kind of whimsical about it that I like, although with the whole lawyer thing it’s a bit Ally McBeal-ish. But I will stay tuned. At least for a couple more episodes.

Friday Night Lights continues to just AMAZE me. The new season is just so, so good. If you don’t have DirecTV you’ll get it on NBC soon enough, and believe me, it is worth the wait. Just Tim Riggins ALONE is worth the wait. Sa-woon!

Finally, the NC State Fair is on now, and all I keep hearing about it the new fried stuff offered on the midway. The big hits this year: fried macaroni and cheese and fried pecan pie. Yikes! Isn’t pie bad enough without a breaded covering? But I am a mac and cheese fan, so I guess it’s good that Sasha’s still a little young to hit the fair this year. Next year, though, we will be there, and probably they’ll have something else crazy and fried. I wonder what? Maybe cupcakes? Oh, shut up! That would be insane, impossible.

Or would it? Hmm. Stay tuned, indeed….

Have a great day, everyone!
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