The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so really it’s the Friday Two—or the Thursday night Two—because they’re both pretty big. SO: New York. I had a great, great time, hanging out with my best friend Bianca and all the folks at Penguin, who showed me a GREAT time. It was kind of weird to be away from Sasha for two nights, the longest we’ve been apart. I kept having these total pangs every time I saw a baby. Or a stroller. Or a pregnant woman. Or basically anything. But she had a very good time with my husband, and was in the very best of hands. Still, I was so, so happy to come home to her. I can’t stop kissing and hugging her, I think I am driving her nuts.

I was at lunch with a friend on Monday, the day I arrived, when I told her that I was planning to go and stand outside the GMA studios the next morning. I know I’m a a total nerd, but whatever. I love me some GMA! She said, “Oh, you like that show? You must know my friend Juju Chang.” I was like, WHAT? Of COURSE I know Juju Chang! So she, all cool, whips out her phone and says, “Let me see what I can do.” Cut to me, the next morning, being escorted into the GMA makeup room, where Juju Chang is sitting there, getting her eyeliner put on. I mean, HELLO! I was pretty much in shock, although I tried to act cool as we sat there and chatted. Then she took me into the studio (!) to watch her film her segment with Diane Sawyer (!). I was standing, like, two feet from them the entire time. I thought I might pass out I was so excited. I mean, this is the place I see every single morning while have Cheerios with Sasha. And suddenly, I’m there! It was crazy.

After the segment, Juju took me downstairs so I could watch the rest of the show being filmed. We’re on our way in when she says, “Oh, let’s introduce you to Vanessa.” As in Vanessa Hudgens, who was standing, like, a foot away from us. She was GORGEOUS in person, seriously, and so nice. She shook my hand and said it was nice to meet me while Juju said I was a YA writer, so we shared an audience. I said, “I think yours is a little bigger than mine, though.” I mean, come on! Then we went inside, and I watched them film a few more segments. I met Robin Roberts, and tried not to be a total loser. Then they were filming this segment where Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were coming into the studio, and they put me right behind these little girls with all this High School Musical stuff. I was about to hyperventilate, which is probably why the text I was sending to my husband hurriedly during the commercial read something like RUTAPING TAPE IT NOWNOWNOW! Then we were back, and in they came. So exciting!

Once they were done, Juju took me back outside, where I met—wait for it—Sam Champion, who regular readers know I adore, adore, adore. He was so, so nice. So nice, in fact, that when Juju said, “Oh, Sarah, let’s get a picture of you with Ashley Tisdale!” he said, “Go! Go!” So I went, got the shot (scroll down to previous entry to see them) and came back to him. They were teasing him that he’d been surpassed by her, celeb-wise, so I said, “Sam Champion, you ARE my Ashley Tisdale.” Which is true. What can I say, it was just about perfect. And that was even before I got to meet Diane Sawyer, who was gorgeous and had on, seriously, the fiercest shoes I have EVER seen. Carrie Bradshaw has NOTHING on Diane. Seriously.

And then, it was nine am, and I was back out in Times Square, thinking it was all just a dream. It had to be, right? But when I got home, and did a little search on YouTube, I found the clip of AT and VH. If you watch the VERY beginning, when they step in the studio, you can see me standing behind the little girls. I’m in a white and black shirt and look like a total dork, but do you think that will stop me from sharing the link with you?

2. This second item is shorter, but equally exciting. Maybe even more so. You asked: we deliver. So here you go:

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!