The Friday Five!

1. Today is Halloween, a holiday that I admittedly have been less enthusiastic about the last few years. I know a lot of people love it, but I just couldn’t see what all the excitement was about. Until now, when I am preparing to wrangle my daughter into a flower costume, put some red devil horns on myself, and head out to do the rounds of grandparents and friends. I am not sure Sasha will be that into her costume, especially since she’s been on a bit of a hat strike lately. She wants NOTHING on her head. But I am determined to get a picture of her in her petals, even if it kills me.

2. I also, now, get the whole appeal of Ebay. Before, when I was just trying to sell bike parts for my husband, I HATED it. But this week I bought a no longer available playset for my daughter AND a pair of pants, and now I am totally hooked. It is all I can do not to be trolling for stuff all day long. But I can’t. I can’t! I already have enough shopping issues. Still, LOTS of fun.

3. Did you see that the CW is now talking about doing a remake of Melrose Place? I just don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, I liked the show and watched it, but never felt the passion that I did for 90210. What do they plan to do for buzz, bring back Kimberly? She’s already over on Desperate Housewives. Still, I guess the thinking is if people loved something once, they will again. Which does not explain why there are so many episodes of the new 90210 piling up on my DVR, but whatever.

4. I’m in the midst of revisions right now, and they are tough. They always are. But even more so when you are on a TIGHT deadline and your babysitter gets sick and you find yourself with only twenty minutes to work when you usually have four hours. Sigh. It will get done, though, right? It has to. All in good time, in good time….

5. I am throwing a baby shower this weekend—revisions done or not—-and I find myself in that familiar place of wondering whether or not to do shower games. This is my friend Leigh’s second baby, most people there already have kids…I think we might all be past sniffing chocolate in diapers or tasting baby food. I know I am. But I still think maybe it’s expected? Or are snacks and good drinks and great company enough? If not, and you can recommend any games that are not gross and/or humiliating, please share. I need all the help I can get!

Okay, back to work….
Have a great weekend, everyone!
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