Monday, November 3rd, and you know what that means: only forty eight more hours of campaign commercials. Hooray! I never thought I would be so happy to see the return of car salesmen and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. But they have been missed, big time.

In other news, my baby shower went VERY well this weekend. Thanks for all the game suggestions. In the end, I took a chance and went with one I made up. (I know, risky, right?) I had everyone number a sheet from one to eight. Then I asked eight questions:
1. Your favorite grandmother’s first name
2. Your husband/boyfriend/partner’s middle name
3. Your favorite female TV character
4. The last name of your favorite male singer
5. Your first childhood pet
6. The last name of your first crush
7. The last city or country you visited on vacation
8. The name of the street you grew up on

Then you pair number 1&3, 2&4, 5&7, and 6&8, so each person comes up with four names. Some actually sound legit—-like Carol Meredith, for instance—and some are totally crazy, like my personal favorite from Saturday, Homer St. Juan. I wrote them all down on the piece of posterboard for my friend Leigh, the mom-to-be, to take home, in case they needed inspiration. Pretty easy to do, all you need is paper and a lot of pencils.

I spent the rest of the weekend eating up leftover mini biscuits and two-bite brownies and watching my daughter walk all over the house like she’d been doing it for weeks. Wow.

Finally, I told you all about the interview I did with Melissa Walker, author of Violet by Design and several other great books, the other day. After we were done, and hanging out in the CHHS library, she interviewed me for a quick piece for Readergirlz. Give it a look and learn a little bit more about Along For the Ride, although if you want to know why I am nodding so much, I can’t help you. I have no idea.

Have a great day, everyone!
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