Gotta say it: I’m happy today.

Not only because of the outcome, but also for so many other reasons. Like the huge turnout on BOTH sides, which shows how much this country can come out when inspired to do so. And the fact that today, I woke up to NO political ads. Just Sally Field talking about Boniva, and the Empire carpet guy singing his jingle. Ah, joy.

If you’re NOT happy this morning, I understand. That’s how I felt the morning after the last two elections. But it is my hope, my true hope, that maybe after this long, hard campaign, we can try to put our differences aside and focus on what we have in common, as well as what we have ahead of us. We shall see.

In other news, I’m wondering if now the name Sasha will not be as unique as it was yesterday, or when I gave it to my own daughter. Before she was born, I checked and it was not even in the top, like, 500 most popular names. Which I kind of liked, because, if you read my books, you know I like a unique name now and again. Again, time will tell.

Yesterday, I ran out while my babysitter was here for a quick manicure, as I have an event on Thursday and can’t look as jankey as I normally do. The woman at the manicure place asked me if I’d voted, and I said yes. “Did you?” I asked. She shook her head. “I’m not going to,” she replied. I asked her why, and she said, “Oh, I don’t like either of them.” Now, I am not normally someone who lectures complete strangers. But before I even knew what I was doing, I was launching into my whole YOU MUST VOTE speech. I told her about how turnout was important, no matter who you voted for, and that your voice counted, especially when the elections were close, as they have been many times in recent memory. I told her if she didn’t vote, she couldn’t complain about ANYTHING for the next four years, because she hadn’t taken the chance to make her voice heard. I told her it was quick, and easy, and how to vote a straight ticket for either party if she didn’t know about any of the races but the big ones. In the end, she seemed a little bit more convinced. I am really, REALLY hoping she went and voted. Because you know what? As if this morning, the presidential race here in NC is STILL too close to call. It’s down to just a few thousand votes. I wonder if hers was one of them. I really hope so.

Okay, I’m off to eat Cheerios with my daughter. Because we’re old school: we had a Sasha in OUR house long before there was one in the White House!

Have a great day, everyone!
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