The Friday Five!

1. Yesterday, I had SO much fun at the Tea with Lee event I did for the Chapel Hill Women’s Center. It was great to catch up with Lee Smith—who had hung out with Dolly Parton the night before, hello!—and get to meet so many people, all of whom came out on a beautiful day for a great cause. This family I babysat for when I was in college ALL came—the girls are all grown up themselves, which makes me feel SO OLD—and one of my babysitters, who I once babysat for myself, was there as well. That is SO Chapel Hill, let me tell you. And when it was all done, I went over to the Flying Burrito and ordered two smothered flying chickens to take home for dinner. So nice.

2. One of the girls I used to babysit is now a pediatric dentist, so of course I had to ask her when I was supposed to start brushing Sasha’s teeth. (She has six, last I checked.) Apparently…I should have been doing this for awhile now. Whoops! But every time I try, I swear, she resists like crazy, turning her head and batting away the toothbrush. Maybe there’s a trick I’m missing out on?

3. We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall the other night, and I really liked it. The best part was seeing Kristen Bell, although it was bittersweet at times, as it just reminded me how much I miss Veronica Mars. What a GREAT show. Seeing her playing a CSI-like actress just kind of brought it all back, and of course she’s just cute and amazing, even when she’s not playing the most sympathetic character. It got me wondering about everyone else from Neptune. Where’s Logan Echolls these days? And Wallace? I think an IMDB search might be in order.

4. I did my longest run yet yesterday. It was about two miles, and yes, I know to some people that’s not far at all, but to me, it’s HUGE. Huge! Now that I’m doing it more often, I can see why so many writers are also runners. The process is kind of the same, for me. First, I dread doing it. Like I really, really don’t want to. And then I force myself to start, and I whine in my head, and feel so discouraged, but then once I get going, I start to feel a little better, and better, and then….suddenly, I’m just doing it. Plus, afterwards, I feel totally virtuous and like I deserve a treat, such as, say, some chocolate. Now, I’m not saying that I will ever be able to run the way that I write, nine books worth. But still, two miles is an okay start.

5. Finally, a word about my last entry. I know some people got fired up in the comments section, and it made me realize why I don’t really talk about politics, like EVER on this blog. No good ever seems to come of it and, in this case, someone felt compelled to tell me that they hate me, which was kind of startling. I think from now on I’ll stick to the words of my good friend Linus, who said you should never talk about religion, politics, or the Great Pumpkin. That’s only three topics. I think we’ll have plenty to work with.

Have a great day, everyone!

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