So we’re back, after one of those weeks that feels like…well, more than one week. I mean, first there was the election. Then, my first public event in ages, followed by a weekend wedding and various domestic commitments. Then I wake up today and I’m like….it’s November? Almost MID-November? Plus, I saw a Christmas commercial this morning, which sent me racing to the calendar to confirm that yes, it is right around the corner as well.

Really, it all just makes me want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over my head. But instead, I am here. So: hello.

When I wasn’t rushing around this weekend, I was catching up on my TV. (Shocked, aren’t you?) I have to say, I am kind of dismayed by all the reports about how the folks at ABC decided to get rid of Brooke Smith’s character, Dr. Hahn, abruptly after last week’s show. There are lots of theories as to why, none of which I’ve had time to read up much on, but I think it’s kind of a drag. I mean, you introduce a really interesting character/storyline, get us invested and then….she just disappears. Apparently. Maybe the lesbian plotline was a bit much for network TV? I have no idea. But it kind of bums me out. At the same time, I have the feeling that a lot of people jumped the Grey’s ship last year, and I may be one of the few still watching and/or invested. But still. I am invested.

Of course, not as much as I am in Friday Night Lights, which CONTINUES to blow me away as the best show on TV, period. Or on DirecTV, right now, but it will come to NBC this winter (I think? Winter or spring, one) and let me tell you, if you are excitedly waiting for season three, you will NOT be disappointed. No spoilers from me here, just that it’s pretty much the only show I really, really look forward to these days. I know those of you who don’t watch are like, ENOUGH! But really, I can’t stop myself. It’s like my friends who LOVED The Wire, and would not let up on me on it, saying I had to watch, had to watch, why wasn’t I watching? And truth: I haven’t watched The Wire yet. So I guess I really have no room to talk. But I WILL say that every single person I have convinced to watch FNL has ended up loving it. Seriously. So do with that what you will. As for me, I better put up or shut up, and get The Wire on my Netflix list, stat.

One warning about FNL, though: the song, from the first season and this promo? It will get STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. Do not hit play on this clip unless you want to be humming it for the rest of the day. Consider yourself warned.

Have a great day, everyone!

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