Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Sesame Street, VERY early in the morning. Like between 6-7, sometimes even between 5:30-6:30. I’m usually sitting there, somewhat bleary eyed, while my daughter toddles around, and because I am so out of it, I often wonder if I am really seeing what I am seeing, or somehow imagining it. Sesame Street is kind of trippy that way. It reminds me of watching late night TV when I was in college and exhausted after studying or working, and having the same blinky, What-the? reaction.

Take this morning. I’m watching something about chickens, and then all of a sudden, there’s Kim Cattrall, Samantha from Sex and the City. She’s here to tell us about the word FABULOUS. And so she does just that, giving examples (shoes that sing the blues, robots that dance: all FABULOUS!). But I just can’t watch her, there with the Muppets, and NOT think about her on SATC, saying that same word MANY times while discussing things that are really not kid friendly. Like, at all. If it was Carrie, or Charlotte, or even Miranda, maybe it wouldn’t have been so weird. But Samantha? On Sesame Street? Does not compute.

Speaking of TV, a heads-up about the premiere tonight of one of my favorite shows: Top Chef. YAY! It comes on at 10 on Bravo, and even if you’re not into cooking shows—and I’m not, not really—you might REALLY enjoy this one. Personally my husband and I are so into it that I’m thinking about doing a quickfire challenge of sorts, like the junk food taste test, at his upcoming birthday party. I plan to do my BEST Padma Lakshmi imitation. Although it might be kind of hard, as I am not a former model, amazingly tall and dropdead gorgeous. Not to mention separated from Salman Rushdie. Oh, well.

Finally, also on the food tip, I’ve been listening to Gordon Ramsey’s memoir, Humble Pie, on my IPod while I walk and drive, and I have to say it is really, really good. What’s not good is that it has strengthened even more my total married girl crush on him, something I didn’t even think was possible. I mean, he’s so not my type. I’m much more a Tim Riggins, Dylan McKay kind of girl. And yet, I kind of sa-woon for Gordon. It’s kind of like my crush on Hugh Laurie. What’s up with that? It makes about as much sense as Samantha on Sesame Street.

Or maybe, it makes perfect sense. Hmmmm…

Have a great day, everyone!