The Friday Five!

1. This morning, when I went to Google News bright and early (actually, it was still dark, but whatever) this story immediately caught my eye: the “pregnant man” is pregnant again. I was all agog at this, but not for the reason you’d think. His baby was only born in June! And the next is due NEXT June. I mean, WOW. Forget man, woman, whatever. Babies one year apart? That’s mind boggling to me. I mean, here I am, fourteen months in, and I’m only JUST barely feeling like I have my feet under me. And that’s on good days.

2. Last night, I finally got to my latest EW, which has the stars of Twilight, the movie, on the cover. I have to say I was not feeling all that enthused one way or the other about the movie, but once I read the profile of Robert Pattinson, I got kind of intrigued. He just seems very interesting to me, in that he was so honest and un-spun with the interviewer. You gotta love someone who is about to bust out in a HUGE movie but is driving a beat-up BMW and eating Hot Pockets for dinner. What can I say, I’m a little charmed. I will have to add him to my British man crush list.

3. I was at the mall yesterday, doing a little pre-holiday scoping for gifts, and MAN can you tell we’re in an economic downturn. First off, when I walked into the mall, I was behind two women, both laden down with bags from various stores that they were clearly returning. Then, at two stores, when I was just browsing, I had salespeople come up and tell me that it just so happened that the item I was looking at was on sale. Who knew? It wasn’t announced on any signage, or even on the item itself. But that coat? 30% off. That wallet? 20% off. Plus, the mall was pretty dead and quiet. I’m a little worried about retaliers and the holiday season. Hopefully there will be an uptick, soon?

4. Last night, we were driving home from dinner at around 6:30 (yes, we are done by 6:30, what’s your point?) and it was dark. Like, seriously, DARK. It kind of snuck up on me this year. Time to stoke up the fire, pull out the slippers and settle in for winter on the couch. But remember in July, when it was still light at 8:30pm? Sigh.

5. Finally, a couple of questions answered. People have been wanting to know when ALONG FOR THE RIDE will be released: that would be June, 2009. And after I posted the video that Melissa Walker did with us discussing the book, there was a bit of debate out here in the blogosphere about what, exactly, I said the narrator’s name was. Autumn? Arden? Nope. It’s Auden, like the poet. Continuing my tradition of girls with unique names, just like I always wished I had in high school. Not that I don’t love Sarah, I do. But I always wanted to be a Halley, a Remy, a Ruby. And an Auden.

Have a great weekend, everyone!