I spent the weekend pretty much in total hermit mode, and I have to say…it was nice. I have always been a person who likes to spend time alone, and these days I don’t get all that much of it. With my husband gone, I put the baby to bed each night, then puttered around the house, cruised Ebay, and watched all kinds of girly flicks without an ounce of guilt. On Saturday night, I stumbled upon Tootsie on some HD channel, and I totally lost myself in it. I had forgotten how much I love, love, LOVE that movie. Dustin Hoffman? Jessica Lange? Bill Murray? It’s fantastic. Dated, but in a good, fantastic way.

In other news, I wrote here last week about my ongoing fascination with Gordon Ramsay, which has been heightened by listening to his memoir on my iPod. Then, this weekend, I was walking along with the stroller, listening happily, when he started talking about his kids. He has four, and he says he has NEVER CHANGED A DIAPER. Never. Do you have any idea how many diapers need changing for one child, never mind four? That means I have changed more diapers TODAY (and it’s only 7:53am) than he has in his entire life. Also, he was not present for the births of any of his children. That one, to me, is a bit more forgiveable. He says his wife didn’t want him there. But still, the diaper thing I am having trouble getting past. It’s kind of a dealbreaker for Gordon and me. I fear I will never be able to watch him again without thinking about it.

Finally, I had another crazy Chapel Hill moment yesterday. I was at Whole Foods with Sasha, when I bumped into a girl who was in my homeroom in high school. We were chatting, then parted ways. As I left a few minutes later, I passed her in the cafe, and she nodded at this man sitting nearby, like I should know who he was. I didn’t. Then he looked up at us, and she laughed. It was our FREAKING HOMEROOM TEACHER. Sitting there, reading the paper at Whole Foods. I literally felt entirely too many worlds colliding. EEEK! I am sure he had no idea who I was, as I was entirely forgettable in high school, but I still skedaddled out of there, pronto. I could almost feel myself regressing. I am an adult! I said to myself as I powered to the parking lot. I am a mom! I am a writer! But these things can be hard to remember when the past is just waiting for you at Whole Foods. Maybe it’s time to move?

Have a great day, everyone!

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