The Friday Five!

1. Congrats to the nominees and winners of the National Book Awards! Thanks to the magic that is Twitter, I was able to lay (lie? The fact that I am not sure partially explains why I was not among those there) in my bed and get the results As They Happened. Then I turned out the light and went to sleep. It was like a great night out without the ride home or having to change into pajamas. Hooray!

2. I am throwing a party for my husband’s birthday this weekend, and I am a little nervous. Normally, I do a very loosey-goosey kind of party, no set plan or anything. But this is a big one—he’s forty today, lordy lordy, as they say—so I’ve been working on making it special. I ordered in food, and bought decorations (which I have to put up when he’s not here or not paying attention) and am contemplating this whole Top Chef Quickfire game, where we blindfold people and make them guess what certain foods are. I was going to do it with all junk food, like the contestants did on Season One, but I have some actual, um, gourmet types coming over and I fear they will not only not recognize a Whopper, but be alarmed by one. So I’m kind of having to rethink things. Although I did like having an actual valid reason to buy malted milk balls, so….

3. Twilight opens today, and it’s already a HUGE deal. I know people who bought tickets weeks ago, and have been foaming at the mouth ever since. I have to say, I am curious as to how the book jumps from page to screen. But because I am lame—and have no free time—I will probably also wait for the DVD. I mean, I never even got to Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist! And that, my friends, is Just Plain Sad.

4. Also sad is the fact that I feel I am the ONLY one not headed off to NCTE in San Antonio this weekend. So many of my writer friends are going, and I still have the fondest memories of running around the Opryland Hotel with John Green and Sara Zarr, back in 2006. I’ve been off the convention track since I got pregnant, but am hoping to make up for lost time in the summer and fall of next year. In the meantime, English Teachers, I am with you in spirit! Maybe there’s a Twitter option for the convention play-by-play as well?

5. You know, it’s been kind of a hard week. Everyone I talk to has been cold, or has a cold. People are worried about the economy, about paying their bills, about a lot of things. I wish I had the solution to all these problems. I don’t. But I can give you this: a puppy cam. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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