Wow. I cannot believe how many of you responded to my last post concerning the Great Dishtowel vs. Paper Towel debate. Here I thought my husband and I were the only people to actually CARE and DISCUSS such issues. Boy, was I wrong. At 78 comments and counting, it is clear this is something that people really care and have an opinion about. I stopped keeping a tally of who was for what around about comment 40, but it seems like it’s pretty evenly split. You’re either a paper towel person, or a dishtowel person, but whatever you use, you believe in it. Personally, I really like the idea of using dishtowels ONLY for wiping hands and drying dishes, a sponge for spills, and paper towels for messier stuff. I kind of feel like Monica from Friends, with her various levels of guest towels. But whatever works, right? I appreciate you all taking the time to weigh in. I thank you, and my marriage thanks you.

In other news, it IS a week of thankfulness, as we gear up for my favorite eating holiday tomorrow. Ah, Thanksgiving. Turkey and mashed potatoes (two of my favorite foods!) and pie and family and Grandmother’s house and all kinds of togetherness. Personally, I’m looking at two dinners tomorrow, three hours apart, which would be challenging under any circumstances. Factor in a toddler, though, and all bets are off. Still, it will be fun, and I can’t wait for everyone to see how big she’s gotten. Maybe I can even convince her to eat some turkey. We shall see.

What really matters is that this year, and every year, I have a lot to be grateful for. Which is something that’s easy to forget when I’m stuck in traffic, or been up since 5am and have the shortest fuse, or get caught up in all the stress of the day to day. I am thankful for Thanksgiving, which makes me step back and realize that really, none of that matters. What does is what I will see around the table tomorrow: family, friends, people I love. Using dishtowels and paper towels, in harmony together. So nice.

I wish you all safe travels, if you’re headed somewhere, and a great holiday. Have a good day, everyone!

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