I’ve written here before about how I am always the LAST person to jump on a trend. I mean, it’s embarrassing. But true, and I try to be true here. Anyway, lately we’ve decided to make an effort not to wear shoes in our house, as it’s hard on the floors and makes things dirty, etc, etc. Basically we USED to never wear shoes inside, but then we got lazy and had a baby and things happened, so we kind of got off track. Now, though, we are making a concentrated effort. And it’s been going great, until it got cold, at which point I realized that I needed something to wear around the house if I couldn’t wear shoes. Like a slipper of some sort. I started looking around whenever I saw stuff on sale, and that’s when I decided maybe I’d try a pair of Uggs.

I know. I know. Uggs are so out it’s ridiculous. But this is just how I am. Plus, I had an added reason to never do the Ugg thing, and it goes WAY back to my junior high school days. Now, this story does not reflect well on me. Again, though, I’m going for truth. So here it is.

When I was in junior high—they call it middle school now—-I went through a phase where I was REALLY embarrassed of my mother. I know this is typical, but at the time, I felt like I was the only one. You have to understand that my mom was a New Yorker living in a small Southern town. She was an academic, wickedly smart, and incredibly outspoken. She suffered no fools, and still does not. Also, my mom could care less about trends or fashion. She just wants to be comfortable. Which was why, when I was in seventh grade, she ordered a pair of Uggs.

Now, remember, this was 1984 or so. NOBODY was wearing Uggs. My mom had just read about them somewhere, so she sent off for them, and they came, and then she insisted on wearing them everywhere. Everyone else’s mom—in my mind—was wearing sensible flats and cardigans, and there was my mom in these big furry boots and a parka (she believes in warmth as well as comfort, and it drove HER nuts that I would never wear a hat because it messed up my hair. But I digress.). There were actually times when—and I cringe, saying this now—that I begged my mom NOT to wear her Uggs when we went out together. I was that mortified.

Anyway, fast forward some twenty-odd years, and all of a sudden, Uggs are in. Kate Hudson is wearing them, Paris Hilton is wearing them, and my friend Dana, who is the most fashionable person I know, is wearing them. But I never felt like I could even TRY them, because of the way I’d acted towards my mom all those years ago. This week, though, I found a pair at a rock bottom price online, and ordered them. They came yesterday. I put them on. They were SO WARM and SO COZY. I knew I would love them. I already did. But before I could really enjoy them, I knew I had to make a phone call.

My mother was so gracious. She always is. She laughed and said they were great boots and she’d forgotten all about it ages ago. Which may very well be true. I’ve done a lot of things I regret to my parents, ranging from the Ugg Issue all the way to dropping out of college on my first attempt. Luckily they are forgiving people. I think you have to be, to be a parent. At least, that’s what I’m learning in my own very short experience with it thus far.

So I love my Uggs, and will wear them. But maybe not to pick up Sasha from school, when she’s older. Or to the mall when I bring her to meet friends. Although I am sure I will embarrass her any number of other ways. What comes around, goes around. That’s something you learn early on in the parenting game. Just ask my mom.

Have a great day, everyone!

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