The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so I probably should be sort of embarrassed about how into Britney Spears I’ve been this week. But I am not. First, I watched her on GMA on Tuesday, live. Then I taped and watched Britney: On The Record. And today, I had to stop myself from buying her new album on ITunes. What? I know! I am at a loss to explain any of this. All I can think is that I love a good comeback story, and really, this is one. It’s just nice to see Brit acting somewhat normal again. And if you watched On The Record—and I know some of you did, Melissa!—you have to admit it was really hard not to get sucked right in. I’m not proud. Just truthful.

2. On a TOTALLY unrelated note, a question about something that’s really been bugging me. I’ve been using a lot of flashdrives lately, moving things around, and every single time do, this thing from Yahoo! MusicMatch Jukebox pops up. It’s like a registration page, and it seems to be built into every single flash drive. Is that true? Is there any way I can get rid of it? I know hitting CANCEL only takes, like, five seconds, but it’s just annoying. And since I am pretty low tech, I figure there is a way to make it go away, even if I can’t figure it out.

3. Speaking of technology, I had a great meeting with my website guys yesterday. We’re going to make some changes to the site leading up to ALONG FOR THE RIDE, and I’m really excited about their ideas. I want to better integrate all my Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc, so it’s all easy to find right there on the front page. Plus I think it’s time to get rid of some of the older links I don’t need anymore. They are even saying they can set it up so I can update it myself easily. Although I am doubtful, as I can’t even figure out how to get rid of that stupid Musicmatch Jukebox thing. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

4. We recently started construction on our garage, and let me tell you, it’s so exciting. First, there’s just this concrete slab, and then, over the last two days, there are walls framed and a couple of big beams up. I can stand in my laundry room and ALMOST envision what it will look like when I have my office up above. A real office! Detached from the house, so I don’t have to write in the guestroom, and hide from my daughter so she doesn’t break down when she sees me! I might even feel like a professional. Like I said, exciting.

5. Finally, something I’ve been wanting to share for a little while, but just now got the go ahead. The paperback for Lock and Key is going to be out in early May, and Penguin decided to put a new cover on it. I was hesitant, because I loved the other cover, but I have to say, this one convinced me. I might even like it better. Some of you might have seen it here and there already, but I do endeavor to give you the latest news when I get it. So here you go:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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