Maybe it’s just too early, but I’m just not feeling the holiday season this year. It could be because all the news is just so BAD, about the economy and people being laid off. Or the fact that I’ve done most of the little shopping I am doing online, which means I am not exposed to the cheerful mall decorations, which sometimes will kick start the feeling for me. If you ask my friend Courtney, she’ll say it’s because I haven’t heard “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” by Mariah Carey OR watched Love, Actually yet. Which may also be true. Regardless, it’s time to get with it, because if I don’t the entire holiday will zoom past and the next thing I know it’ll be springtime and I’ll be all like “What?”

Or something like that.

In other news, a big gift for those here in the Triangle area with Time Warner Cable: BRAVO is finally coming! Hooray! This means that the bulk of my friends will now not look at me cluelessly when I go on about Top Chef. Or the Real Housewives. Of course, it might be a moot point as far as Project Runway is concerned—-although with lawsuits pending, who knows when it will jump to Lifetime anyway. But still, so awesome. Although, if you HAVEN’T had Bravo and suddenly get it, be warned. If you turn it on during one of their weekend marathons, even if it’s a show you are sure you would NEVER watch, you will get completely hooked. Just ask me. I mean, I watch The Real Housewives!

Finally, I want to give big thanks to Megan, who let me know about the contest that Ben Lee is having on his MySpace Blog. You take a picture of yourself with a sign saying what you love, and you MIGHT get chosen to be in a MySpace exclusive video for his new song. And yes, I am such a nerd that I already entered. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and will be clicking over on Dec. 22 to see if I made the cut. Oh, Ben Lee. How I love you. You have no idea.

Okay, I’m off to dig out my Mariah Carey Christmas album and kick-start this holiday. Want to join me? Click here. Happy Holidays!

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