I’ve been up since an ungodly hour, but I know everyone is tired of hearing me complain about being sleep deprived. I’m tired of hearing me complain as well, so I am just going to Let It Go and Move On.

*brightens considerably*

In SUPER exciting news, Meg Cabot is celebrating the publication of the final Princess Diaries book with a tiara auction at the New York Public Library on January 9th. All kinds of people decorated tiaras to be sold for charity: I even did one! (Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, me and my fab assistant Parker did one. And she MIGHT have done most of the gluing, because I am so not crafty it is just sad.) I heard from Meg yesterday, and guess who is the emcee for the tiara revealing? AUSTIN SCARLETT. From Project Runway, Season One. Who I—I’ll admit it—actually sent a fan email to not so long ago. (I got an autoresponse, but still, exciting). Meg even said that I could come to the event and therefore possibly share breathing space with my beloved Austin. Which would be almost like meeting Sam Champion, that amazing. But alas, I don’t think I can go. So if any of YOU are in the New York area, and plan to go, will you report back to me? Promise? Get more details—and see a few of the tiaras, including Austin’s!—here.

Speaking of Meg Cabot—I swear I did not plan for this to be an all-Meg entry, but whatever—-she recently joined Twitter. As did Laurie Halse Anderson, I think. So I went to my page to add them and….Twitter has changed it so you can’t, unless you know their email address. Which seems kind of weird to me. I mean, why take away a basic search? Does that mean that no one can add ME unless they know my email address? Because that would be very unfortunate. Any of you Twitter folks who are in the know, please inform me, as I feel like I am missing something basic and just might be a total idiot.

Finally, an update. I have definitely felt an upswing of holiday spirit since I 1) decorated my tree 2) hung some Christmas lights and 3) watched A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV. I have not yet gotten to Love, Actually, if only because my husband has grumbled every time I’ve even suggested it. Last night he endured Brothers and Sisters (a show he hates) so I felt like I couldn’t push my luck. But now, we are done with Scrubs Season 7—which was kind of disappointing, if I’m to be totally honest—and most stuff is in reruns, so maybe he’ll be bored enough to give Hugh, Colin and Emma a shot. I hope so. I am so eager for my favorite lines! Like, “I hate Uncle Jamie!” and “Obviously, not as secret as we hoped.” Yay!

Have a great day, everyone….

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