The Friday Five!

1. A couple of years back, my dear friend Courtney bought me a Dylan McKay doll, new in its box, off of Ebay. I LOVE it and have it proudly displayed in my upstairs office. Where, now, every morning before her nap, my daughter goes to find it. She picks up the box and brings it to me and I say, “It’s Dylan McKay!” and she laughs. Then, yesterday, my husband was up there with us. I said to Sasha, “Where’s Dylan McKay?” and she went over and got the doll and brought me the box. I said, “Can you give him a kiss?” and she very solemnly leaned down and planted one right on Luke Perry’s gorgeous face. It was a lovely moment, except for my husband groaning. Loudly.

2. I am buying a LOT of books for holiday gifts this year, for all kinds of reasons, like buying books is way fun, and a book never goes out of style. I also have a ton of little kids in my life now, and buying children’s books is especially fun. For the adults, I’m looking at the new Wally Lamb, and Carrie Fisher’s memoir. But the book I am MOST looking forward to buying for people is Adventures in Pen Land, by my dear friend Marianne Gingher. It’s all about how she became a writer and mother and teacher, and the challenges she faced, and it has great illustrations by Daniel Wallace, who wrote Big Fish. It’s an adorable book and I can’t wait to share it with everyone my on my list. Or with just everyone, period.

3. Yesterday I was at the mall and needed some iTunes gift cards, so I went to the Apple Store. Now, I don’t have a Mac. I know that supposedly makes me uber-square and unhip, but honestly, I’m a little wary of the whole Apple-Too-Cool-For-School thing. Their computers are gorgeous, though, and I love my iPod touch, so I’ve been thinking that when my laptop dies I might switch over. But every time I go in the store, there’s just something about it that puts me off. This sense of….I don’t know, elitism? Like I’m just not hip enough or something. Everyone looks like they just walked off a Weezer video, and I’m there with my diaper bag, as square as the PC guy in those Mac commercials. So I’m still mulling. We shall see what happens…

4. Okay, so just as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m hearing a commercial for Celine Dion. She’s coming to Raleigh in concert! Am I a Celine fan? Not really. Would I still TOTALLY love to go, if only for the cheese factor, and the chest banging, and hearing the Titanic song, live? Are you KIDDING? Of course! I think I might have to do a little research….

5. Finally, I know everyone is SICK of hearing me talk about my seasonal Love, Actually obsession. Especially those of you who don’t like the movie. (I know such people exist, right? They must!) But there’s been a lot of dire news lately, so I feel compelled to share this one little clip. Thank you for indulging me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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