I spent my weekend preparing for and then recovering from our annual Christmas party, which was a total blast. Tons of good friends (many of whom have been coming to this party, in one incarnation or another, for almost twenty years) lots of kids running around, and food, food, FOOD. My fridge is totally packed, as is my freezer with leftovers. Hooray! The only downside was that the veggie lasagna I ordered turned out to have meat in it, something I did not discover until the day AFTER the party. I was horrified, as I had labeled it as VEGETARIAN. A quick phone poll of friends confirmed that actually, most people noticed the error and just were too polite to say anything about it. God, how embarrassing though. I will never forget, years ago, when we had a cookout and some vegetarians accidentally ate turkey dogs instead of tofu pups. They were so mad, and I totally understood. Luckily, my friends are used to the chaos that is my hostessing style, and have clearly learned to double-check their dishes. Still, next year I will make the veggie stuff myself as a penance.

Speaking of food, a few weeks ago I was featured in an article in the Independent Weekly about great cheap dates in Chapel Hill, where I heaped praise onto Fiesta Grill and Maple View Farms (you have to scroll down a bit, my part’s at the bottom). I was so happy to give Fiesta Grill in particular a shout out, not that they need it because they are way popular, having been featured in Gourmet magazine, among other places. Then, this weekend, I found out that due to a septic/zoning issue, they were told they have to cut their seating practically in half, which is REALLY hurting their business. It was already a small place, and now it’s even smaller. They’re relying more and more on takeout to make it, which is difficult. So if you’re local, and out that way—they’re on Highway 54, about eight miles past Carrboro Plaza, check out their menu, give them a call and pick yourself up some food. You will NOT be sorry! Their food is amazing and the people there are great, as well as great neighbors. Personally, I intend to eat their food as much as possible over the next few weeks. It’s my duty, right? Mmmm, enchiladas….

Finally, thanks to everyone for their input on the whole Macbook vs. PC laptop isssue. I am still mulling, and will not make any decisions until the new year, if then. I admit I am kind of cowed about having to learn a whole new system, but I’ve heard SO much bad stuff about Dell lately (where I bought all my other computers, with no problems) that I am worried about getting a lemon from them. And if NOT a PC from Dell, I don’t even know where to begin to look. So clearly, I need to do some research. Right after I eat those enchiladas for the next two weeks.

Have a great day, everyone!

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