We interrupt this vacation….

…to say that I hope that you are all enjoying yours. Personally, Christmas was a bit of a downer, as I, my husband and then the baby all came down with stomach flu, starting on Christmas Eve and continuing until, well, now. My mother maintains that I have earned yet another Mommy stripe by being up all night with a sick child AND getting thrown up on, and I think she’s right. At any rate, we are on the mend, but slowly. Which is why I will keep this short.

(Initially, because at first only my husband and I had been stricken by the bug, I thought it was food poisoning. I was sure it was the fault of this supermarket sushi I bought, and blamed it entirely. And let me tell you, you get NO sympathy when people asked what you ate that got you sick and you say sushi from the supermarket. They just shake their heads, like you deserved it. But I digress.)

Anyway, the good news is that because Sasha didn’t get sick until Saturday night, she got to enjoy Christmas morning. My husband and I, queasy and weak, rallied as best we could, oohing and ahhing over what Santa had left. Then we spent the rest of the day taking turns crawling into bed and entertaining her. I guess it is also a good thing that we were both quasi-recovered when she fell ill with this same thing. See, it’s all about looking at the bright side.

Such as, at least we had Freaks and Geeks on DVD to see us through. God, I love this show now, and we only have ONE episode left. One! But, I have the first disc of Undeclared waiting to fill the void. Also good? Because I ate hardly ANYTHING for a few days, I can really blow it out and have whatever I want for New Years. Hello, poundcake! And now that we’ve HAD this stomach thing that is terrorizing our fine town, we don’t have to worry about getting it anymore. Which is great!

All right, so that last one was a bit of a stretch. But whatever. I’m off to enjoy what’s left of 2008 and make up for all the time I lost over the last few days. I hope that you all had great holidays, and that 2009 is a stomach-flu free year for all of us. That would be good news indeed.

Have a great day, everyone!

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