Yesterday, my typeset pages for Along for the Ride arrived. You would think that, by the time you do something the ninth time, it gets slightly less exciting. But no. It’s STILL a huge thrill for me to see the book looking like an actual BOOK, with page numbers and set font and all that. The next step is actual galleys, where it has a cover and looks even more like the final product. So now, I get to spend a day or two re-reading the book, for what is usually the last time, checking for errors and final changes. People often ask me if I ever go back and read my books once they’re published. The answer is, honestly, no. I might skim them here and there, but usually, by the time I’m done with promotion and book readings and talking talking talking about the story, I’m ready for a long break. But I’m not at that point right now, not even near it. It’s like falling in love, still so new! Sa-woon.

Speaking of Along for the Ride, I’ll be reading from it on January 29th, when I’m appearing at an event sponsored by the UNC Friends of the Library on the UNC campus. You can get all the info here. It’s been a LONG while since I’ve done a reading, so I’m really looking forward to it. Plus there’s a little reception beforehand. And there are usually cookies! What’s not to love about cookies AND books?

In other news, I’d been hearing from various people that the interview that I did with the fab Melissa Walker, author of Violet in Private and other great books, was out in the current Chapel Hill Magazine. What I didn’t know is that we were on the cover. Yikes! I finally got my hands on one yesterday. (It’s not up on their site yet, but I’ll try to scan the pic sometime today, if I find a few minutes.) They took the shot at our alma mater, Chapel Hill High, where we posed in a VERY busy corridor as classes changed all around us. We got a couple of strange looks, and were totally awash in nostalgia, but it was really kind of fun. And I love the interview, where Melissa and I discuss all things Chapel Hill, like basketball and Franklin Street and UNC. We are such hometown gals, I swear.

*looks at TV*

On Sesame Street right now—and it’s because of SS that I’m able to update this blog these days—they’re talking about cookies. It’s fate! It’s also really making me want a cookie, even though it’s, um, 6:52 in the morning. I think I’d better go eat some cereal before my nutrition for the day gets off to a really bad start.

Have a good day, everyone!

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