So I am ENTIRELY wiped out from all the excitement yesterday of not only the Inauguration (which was awesome) but also the big SNOW event we had here. I know that those of you in Canada and other snow-regular spots think it is hysterical that everything can come to a stop for only 3-5 inches of snow, but believe me, it is true. In fact, the schools were closed yesterday and are closed again today! Because we are Southerners, and have no plows, and hardly anyone knows how to drive on ice or snow (myself included). Frankly, I’m planning to get out today, if only because it’s hard to be trapped at home all day long. Being trapped at home all day long with a sixteen month old, though, is a whole other thing. Suffice to say that I let her pretty much dismantle every room in the house yesterday, if just for entertainment.

In other exciting news, I saw in a magazine last night that Ben Lee—who I LOVE—just got married. How did I not know about this? And guess who he married? Just guess!

That’s right! It’s Ione Skye, aka Diane Court from Say Anything:

Does that make Ben Lee the modern day Lloyd Dobler? I think it might. Anyway, congrats to them both!

Speaking of weddings and love, I have to say I was totally thrilled to see that Barack and Michelle Obama had their first dance as first couple to “At Last.” Because it is a lovely song, but also because it’s the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. We had the Etta James version, but I have to say Beyonce did a pretty impressive job, especially with a song that is so associated with another artist. Ah, memories. I wonder what Ben and Ione danced to?

Oops, Sesame Street’s over. Gotta go!
Have a good day, everyone!

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