The Friday Five!

1. I have to thank everyone who gave me the (very exciting) heads up that, yes, indeed, there MAY be a Veronica Mars movie. Eeek! As regular readers know, I was a HUGE fan of this show, and would love to see it on the big screen. I understand that some folks are hesitant, as sometimes these remakes, well, suck. But if it’s either giving it a shot or never seeing Veronica again, I’ll take the shot. So stay tuned.

2. So I’m having to accept the fact that my daughter is giving up her morning nap. I thought she was a few months back, but then I got a reprieve, of sorts. Now, though, I don’t think I can deny it. Which means that the hour or so I’d gotten used to having to answer email, write this blog and make phone calls in the morning is….well, gone. Or at least compromised. My mother, trying to rally me, said that maybe now, she’ll take a longer afternoon nap. But no. She’s still power napper, forty minutes and done. Oh, well. At least now you’ll know why if my entries start appearing at night instead of in the morning. I’m adapting, adapting…

3. I went to Sephora yesterday, to buy ONE lipstick. I ended up with two and a mascara. How does this even happen? It’s like Target, but worse, because at least there I can tell myself I am buying things that are Necessary or even Crucial, like diapers and toothpaste. I don’t think I can say that about lipstick. Can I?

4. My UK publisher recently asked me to write a couple of little letters for the upcoming releases of That Summer and Along for the Ride. Just a few words, talking about the books, nothing fancy. Cut to me, sitting in front of my laptop, biting my nails and looking at the ceiling. Why is it that I can write an entire novel, but a simple sentence or two sends me into a tailspin? I mean, honestly. It’s the kind of thing I just can’t think about too much or I’ll feel even crazier than I already do.

5. Finally, I’ve written here about all the Sesame Street I’ve been watching lately. And up until now, I’ve really tried to resist the Cult of Elmo thing. Because Elmo is EVERYWHERE, but I really like the old school muppets, like Cookie and Bert, better. However, those Sesame Street folks know what toddlers like, and they like Elmo. So I finally broke down this week and bought Sasha a stuffed Elmo, which she has carried around and loved on nonstop ever since. She kisses him, and hugs him. She drags him by his arm, puts him in her toy shopping cart. They’re total BFFs. So I guess I have to accept him, finally. Especially since I had THIS song in my head all day. Resistance is futile.

Have a great day, everyone!

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