The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so I have to be honest: I was BLOWN AWAY by how many people showed up for my reading at UNC yesterday. Over 150 people were there! I mean, the room was full, and there were people sitting on the floor and crowding the back. For a minute, I thought I was being punked. (Or is it punk’d? I am too old to know, sorry.) Anyway, it was a GREAT event, with a reception with awesome food beforehand (all of which I was too nervous to eat, sadly). I read two sections from Along for the Ride with only a couple of minor slipups, which was fine because at UNC, I am always among friends. Thank you to EVERYONE for coming out. To be honest, I’d been feeling a little down about a few things, professionally, and this was such a nice way to be reminded that really, none of it matters. And to the girl who asked if I’d include the reading in the Friday Five, I am so sorry I forgot your name. But here you go.

2. On a totally unrelated note, can I just say that I am still grappling with the fact that the woman who just had octuplets in California already has six kids? WHAT? And her husband is about to go back to Iraq? And two of those previous six were twins? This makes any complaining about my one rambunctious sixteen month old completely unwarranted. I will shut up now, and forever.

3. I finally got to watch Mamma Mia, and I have to say I liked it. Although I have to agree with the folks who said you MUST go into it with the attitude that it is a cheesefest and just embrace that. I actually watched half of it one night, and then the other half the next afternoon, with Sasha while we were playing. She is already an ABBA fan! Now I just have to get her to love Barry Manilow and we’ll be all set. All in all, a fun movie. Although Pierce Brosnan’s singing…well, I couldn’t do better, I guess, so I’ll just not say anything about that.

4. The Superbowl is this weekend, and you know what that means: I get to eat Fritos. Oh, and there’s a football game, too. But for me, the Superbowl has never been about the game, as I just Don’t Really Get football. It’s too slow for me and takes too long for everyone to get into place, stop and start, stop and start. But the food! I LOVE the food. We’ve ordered a deli platter and I am considering a cheese dip. Will it have Velveeta as a base? What do YOU think?

5. Finally, this week, two of my pop culture worlds collided when Scrubs featured appearances from a bunch of the Muppets from Sesame Street. I am used to seeing Elmo in the early morning, singing with Mr. Noodle, so to have him sudden appear with Zach Braff, was sort of bizarre. I mean, he never says “Hubba hubba!” on the Street.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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