I am proud (and surprised) to report that I actually watched a LOT of the Superbowl last night. And not just the commercials, the actual game. Who knew, right? I guess because it was an interesting game, not a blowout, but I stayed tuned until the very end. I mean, I WAS flipping back and forth to Rock of Love Bus every once in awhile, which provided for an interesting contrast. Guys in tight pants running down the field, girls in VERY tight clothes running down hotel hallways. I always feel better about watching Rock of Love Bus if I am alternating with something else, like, say, PBS. It’s like having a diet Coke with your pork rinds. Evens it all out, you know?

In other news, this weekend I finished my advance copy of Megan McCafferty’s LAST Jessica Darling book, Perfect Fifths. For those of you who are waiting with breath that is baited for this book, let me tell you that you will NOT be disappointed. I was so, so sad to see it end, though, Maybe Megan will reconsider, and do another JD book? Maybe?

In other book news, my friend Adele has created a new website/podcast devoted entirely to YA fiction. It’s called The Read Carpet (get it?) and you can check it out here. There’s a number to call in and leave comments, which I am planning to do as soon as I have something worthwhile to say. This seems to be a problem for me lately. I put up my very first video on my Facebook Page yesterday, just to test out the technology, and I’ve almost gone back and deleted it several times because it is really just so worthless. Plus, I had to do it on the total fly, while I had a few seconds, so I do not look my best. This is another reason to stick to actual blogging, rather than vlogging. I can do this in my pajamas with my hair sideways, and nobody’s the wiser. That’s nice.

Finally, I missed most of the Superbowl commercials last night, with all my flipping around and trying to get my daughter to bed at a decent hour. But this one, I did see, and liked for obvious reasons:

Have a great day, everyone!

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