The Friday Five!

1. Okay, so it didn’t snow here, for which I was very, very grateful. Instead, it was just bitterly cold, like shiver-when-you-walk-outside-for-even-a-minute cold. Apparently, this weekend, it’s supposed to be in the sixties. Welcome to North Carolina! My husband, however, is such a fan of shorts that he insists on wearing them, even when it is freezing. This morning he came in complaining about how cold it was: he was wearing a winter jacket, shoes with no socks and shorts. I said, “Look at what you’re wearing! Of course you’re cold!” To which he replied, “I have a jacket on!” It reminds me of my students at UNC, who often wore flip flops in ice storms. I cannot relate, but I try not to judge.

2. I was surprised at how many West Wing fans there were out there when I mentioned I was going to start watching the show on DVD. I’ve watched three so far, and they were all VERY good. I am so psyched to have a GOOD show with so many seasons available on DVD. It is my shorts. So to speak.

3. I don’t want to give away too much about Along for the Ride too early, but I can tell you that the marketing folks at Penguin, my fab publisher, made up some Last Chance Cafe coffee mugs for their reps as giveaways. I scored one recently, and I LOVE it. I drink my coffee out of it every single day, because I am Just That Much Of A Nerd. On a related note, a few folks have been asking if I’ll be posting some reading online for those of you who can’t make any of my appearances. I think I can figure out how to do it on Facebook or YouTube. Stay tuned! Also stay tuned for some fun contests for the release of the Lock and Key paperback and Along for the Ride. You might even win a Last Chance coffee mug! You never know….

4. It seems like EVERYONE is doing that 25 Things About Me thing on Facebook, but I am trying to resist. Partially because I feel like I already have shared everything people could ever care about on here, and also because I secretly worry there are not 25 even remotely interesting things about me. Oh, the horror! But if I get seriously blocked on a blog entry next week, I may capitulate. Again, stay tuned.

5. My daughter has been really into music lately, so we’ve brought a CD player out so she can listen to various CDs. We have one that my brother made for his son when he was a toddler, with lots of James Brown and Aretha Franklin, as well as some bluegrass and various nursery rhymes. What I REALLY wanted was The Muppet Movie soundtrack, which I have on cassette (I know) and it’s so old it’s busted. So, easy fix, right? Go online, buy the soundtrack. But no! They don’t make it anymore, and CDs of the soundtrack are on eBay for $114. Yes, you read that right. I mean, I love The Muppet Movie and all, but that’s a bit ridiculous. So I’m looking into other options. I really want her to have “Moving Right Along” and “Rainbow Connection,” as well as all the others. Wish me luck finding it, in all my spare time….

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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