The Friday Five!

1. So my Tarheels won Wednesday night, and I was actually awake to see it happen. I did not go down to Franklin Street to jump bonfires, however—what do you think I am, crazy? Or in my twenties?—but I did celebrate in my own way, by going directly to bed. I was up six hours later, watching Sesame Street, bleary-eyed. But it was worth it.

2. I was so bleary, in fact, that I thought for a minute I had to be dreaming when I saw on a news site that Mandy Moore is now engaged to Ryan Adams. Whoa! That’s big. I had no idea they were even still together. I have to say, though, that “Come Pick Me Up,” is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I do love his music. Although I am sad for my friend Courtney, who has carried a torch for him FOREVER. She is already married, though, so I guess she couldn’t exactly expect him to wait around for her. Anyway, yay for them. Gotta love young love.

3. Speaking of LOVE, Barry Manilow, who I adore, is on GMA this morning. How excited am I? Ridiculously so. Regular readers know I have been to see Barry twice in concert, once back in the late 90’s, and once just this past March. Plus he’s been on my mind even more than usual, as he gets more than a few shout-outs in Megan McCafferty’s new Jessica Darling book, which I just finished. How will Barry look, in live HD, at 8:30 am? I will let you know. I cannot wait.

4. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve kind of dropped the ball on it. I mean, I have a gift for my husband (he doesn’t read this blog, but I’m still not risking saying what it is) and we’re planning to cook out a nice dinner and try to get out for a real date next week. I think I make a bigger deal of Vday when I’m having a lot of trouble slogging through February. I cling to it like a life raft in a cold, wet, roiling ocean. But it was seventy and sunny yesterday! So I guess I’ll just eat some chocolate, kiss my honey, and be glad for that.

5. Finally, a couple of last Chapel Hill things. First, the fab Melissa Walker has posted the interview she and I did with Chapel Hill Magazine back in the fall over on her blog. They took us back to high school (literally) and it was a lot of fun. Also, I have studiously tried to avoid American Idol this season, as when I DO watch it always becomes a serious habit, and I watch too many shows as it is. But this season, a fellow local has made the top 36. His name is Anoop Desai, and he is from Chapel Hill and went to UNC, just like me. So I may have to start tuning in, if only to provide hometown support. Damn you, Idol! Everytime I think I’m out, you suck me back in…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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