So I’m up bright and early this morning, as usual, and since I didn’t make it through the Oscars last night (or even very far in) I turned on the DVR to see who won. Just as they were about to announce the Best Actress winners, it cut the broadcast off. Whoops. I forgot to extend the taping, which is totally my fault because when have the Oscars EVER finished on time? D’oh! So I had to do the decidedly unglamorous alternative and read about the winners online. I mean, I know there will be LOTS of coverage all day and night today. But still, kind of fun to see it as it happens. Maybe next year.

I did catch Hugh Jackman’s opening, and I have to say I was impressed with how hard he was working. Clearly, he was all in, even if sometimes the crowd was looking at him like they weren’t exactly sure what he was doing. There was one thing that kind of confused me, though. Just before I watched, we were catching up on Flight of the Conchords, and it was an episode all about how Jermaine fell in love with an Australian, much to the dismay of his New Zealander friends. Then Hugh Jackman, who is Australian, made a crack about New Zealand. I had no idea there was such rancor between these countries. Can someone explain? Is it good natured, or not? I have to say the Conchords ep was NOT kind to Aussies, and since I have cousins from Melbourne, I wasn’t sure if I should take offense on their behalf. I am sure you will let me know.

Finally, my daughter is now in serious parrot mode, repeating just about everything we say. I know I need to clean up my language, but I’m realizing I probably need to stop listening to audiobooks in the car, as well. Granted, right now I’m listening to Diablo Cody’s memoir about her experience as a stripper, which is actually very good, but I’m thinking it’s not appropriate with a toddler in the back is who learning a new word every minute or so. I guess it’s time to go back to This American Life, or even just music as I drive. Which is too bad, because I was getting a LOT of reading done by, um, not actually reading. Oh, well…..

Have a great day everyone!

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