Okay, so I know I just updated yesterday. But last night I watched the finale of Confessions of a Teen Idol, and I must share.

I am embarrassed to say how much I like this show. I mean, LONGTIME readers of this blog will remember when I was really into this super-cheesy show called Starting Over, where they’d take women who wanted to Make Changes and Improve Themselves and put them in a house together with life coaches and goal lists and all kinds of self-esteem exercises. It was so much fun, oh my God. It’s gone now, but watching Confessions last night I really started thinking VH1 needs to do its own take. I mean, with this show it kind of already is, but can you imagine if they took it to the next level? B-list celebs, trying to exorcise their demons and be better people. Like a mix of Sober House and Teen Idol. And the PERFECT life coach? Eric Nies. He’s gone from a pinup in his Real World days to this total crunchy, raw-food eating, cleanse-promoting, Zen master. He’s barefoot and weeping and I am completely obsessed with him. I would SO watch him on another show. Are you listening, VH1?

Probably not. I mean, why would you be? But still, worth a shot.

Since I’m already talking about all things culturally shallow, I’ll make another confession. In a fit of procrastination yesterday, I added a bunch of celebs to my Twitter following list. Did you know that MC Hammer twitters constantly, and has over a hundred thousand followers? (Yes, you read that right.) Neither did I. Also, Lance Armstrong twitters more than I do. I added Jimmy Fallon, Rainn Wilson from the Office, and someone who may or may not be Tina Fey and a couple of folks from ABC News, because I am a total nerd. Yes, I’m officially shallow. But since I have decided to give up guilt for the time being—-don’t ask—-I am not feeling bad about it. No! Not at all. I think Eric Nies would approve.

Have a great day, everyone!

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