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I am writing this from my parents’ house, where I have fled in an attempt to try to get some work done for the first time this week. Monday my sitter was snowed out: today, the other has the flu. Which would be fine, if I had a baby who sat quietly and entertained herself. But I don’t think such beings even exist. Even if they do, mine is not one of them. Nope, she’s more the turn-your-back-for-one-second-to-answer-a-crucial-email-and-she’s-upside-down-on-top-of-the-coffeetable type. She is drawn to danger, seeks it out, so like her Daddy it’s nuts. So for the last four days, I’ve had, like, no time to get anything done. By the time she goes to bed at night, I’m wiped, and during her single, hour-long nap, time moves at lightning speed, I swear. Two emails and maybe one Twitter update and she’s up again, lunging for the stairs. Today, with two important deadlines looming, I broke the emergency glass and came over here. Right now, I can hear my mom downstairs, singing the ABC song. Thank god for mothers. I have said this before, but I never appreciated mine fully until I became one myself. I bow down to all stay at home moms, no joke. You amaze me.

(It has been brought to my attention—rightfully so—that I forgot about stay at home dads. Which is SO totally lame of me, I’m completely ashamed. Really, if you saw my head you would know it is hanging with shame. I should have said stay at home PARENTS.)

Meanwhile, the snow is melting. It was pretty, sure, but you know how I feel about winter, especially when it’s overstayed its welcome. I have a feeling Sasha was born with my cold weather aversion: no matter how much I bundled her up and tried to take her outside to play, she just kept pointing back at the house, shivering. Oh, well.

In other news, my friend Laura pointed me to this very cool website where different celebs have loaded iPods with playlists to raise money for Music Rising, a charity that benefits New Orleans musicians. I have always been a total sucker for Celebrity Playlists on iTunes, so of course I clicked right away on Bill Clinton’s to see what he had. Van Morrison! Willie Nelson! Plus, Mandy Moore has one that is going up for auction on the 16th. I wonder if it will have any Ryan Adams on it? And if so, which song? “Come Pick Me Up,” is my favorite, followed by “Oh My Sweet Carolina.” But that’s the thing about Ryan Adams. Entirely too much to choose from!

Of course, this got me thinking about what I’d put on an iPod to represent me. Probably some Tom Waits, definitely some Led Zeppelin and of course Ryan Adams. I would most likely be too embarrassed to add Miley Cyrus’s “Seven Things,” although I LOVE that song. Maybe I’d just fill it up with Ben Lee and Dar Williams and call it perfect. But the pressure! I mean, just one playlist? It’s like picking your favorite book or movie, also which I totally stink at. I guess I just don’t like to be limited. Or something.

Okay, now I REALLY have to write. The clock is ticking!

Have a great day, everyone!

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