The Friday Five!

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1. Yesterday, I found out that Lock and Key is a finalist for a Children’s Choice Book Award. This is very exciting for any number of reasons, but particularly because the finalists and awards are the result of voting by actual readers AND because I am in such awesome company (Stephenie Meyer, Meg Cabot, John Green and Suzanne Collins). Yay for some love for Lock and Key as well. Anyway, voting opens online and in schools, libraries and bookstores on March 16th. So stay tuned.

2. Apparently there’s been a bit of controversy because Barbie, who just turned 50, is now available with tattoos. I have to agree with the author of that article, though: tattoos aren’t just for sailors anymore, you know? They’ve become incredibly mainstream. In fact, I’m just about the ONLY person among my friends who doesn’t have one, or multiple ones, for that manner. In fact, I was recently at an engagement party for some younger friends of ours when I went outside to find a big group of girls comparing their tattoos. They all had several, and I felt so uncool. I was all like, “I have a c-section scar!” but I think that’s not the same thing. Oh, well.

3. I have to take my car in today because the other day, for no apparent reason, my windshield wipers started coming on whenever I cranked the engine. And they won’t turn off, no matter what I do: I just have to wait for them to stop, which they usually do halfway across the windshield, so I have to get out and move them manually so I can actually see to drive. It’s just so random, not to mention embarrassing. I mean, there I am, in perfectly sunny weather, driving with my wipers on. People think I am nuts. Hopefully there’s a quick fix for it. I already feel crazy enough without props, thank you.

4. Yesterday, in celebration of the 70 degree weather we’re supposed to have this weekend—and because I was in desperate need for one—I went and got a pedicure. These are good for me, because they are something that forces me to sit in ONE spot and do nothing for a few minutes. Which is hard for me. I am still wanting to fiddle with my phone, or read something, or watch TV. But I try to just sit. Being present is not easy for me. It’s why I suck at yoga, despite many attempts. Maybe a pedicure isn’t the same as meditating, I know. But you do what you can.

5. Finally, in the Parenting department, we took the peanut butter plunge this week. (Sounds like an amusement park ride. A sticky one.) But no, what I mean is that I gave Sasha a peanut butter sandwich, she ate it, and did NOT go into shock or break out into hives. I remember when I was a kid, nobody had peanut allergies. It was like, unheard of. But these days, when you are a parent, people scare you to DEATH about peanut butter. Anyway, we did it. I’ll keep working it into her diet slowly, along with the few other things she will eat (which is a whole other issue, but I digress). Still, it’s nice to have the peanut thing behind us. Like I slayed a dragon. A big, sticky one.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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