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For me, this was a weekend of discovery. First, at Target yesterday, I found the one dollar section. I’d sort of glanced at it before, but it wasn’t until Sasha and I were doing some early morning shopping that I actually stopped to check it out. I got stickers, some bunny ears for her for Easter, an Elmo book, some magnetized pads for the fridge, and some completely unnecessary other items that I totally would not have even looked at if they were regularly priced. I mean, I got her a plastic pig that she’s already played with more than about half of her more expensive toys. I think I will have to steer clear the next time, if only because I can see myself spending a ton of money and justifying it by saying, “It’s only a dollar!” Plus, it’s right by the front door. So, yes. Dangerous.

Also discovered this weekend: RuPaul’s Drag Race. How have I not heard about this show before? I stumbled across it on Logo and was instantly addicted. It’s like Top Model, for Drag Queens, but with a million times more camp and drama. How can you not like a show where the final decision hinges on how well the contenders can lip sync to Britney Spears? “Now it’s time for…..lip sync for your LIFE!!” One girl literally flipped her wig, she got so into it. I mean, the wig went FLYING. Whoa. Plus you have RuPaul, who was so emotionally fraught about the decision that needed to be made in one episode that he had to leave the judging table and go be alone for moment. And finally: Santino, from Project Runway. And at the end of each episode, they have a dance party. If you don’t get Logo, you can watch full episodes here. My suggestion, not that anyone on Logo is listening? Get this show on BRAVO, stat. It would be HUGE.

Finally, one last discovery, the psychological kind. I’ve always known I’m not the greatest with spacial projects, i.e. following directions and putting things together. That is my husband’s department, and he is very good at it. But this weekend, I bought my daughter a little baby stroller and decided I was tired of having to depend on him. I mean, how hard could it be? Well….hard. So hard that I put it together wrong, then tried to disassemble it and BROKE it, irrevocably. I felt like a total loser. But maybe it’s a lesson, like I said. Nobody’s good at everything. I can write, and I’m good at deviled eggs and fixing computer snafus (at least small ones) and I think I’m a pretty good mom. Oh, and watching TV. I am VERY good at that. So I’ll leave the assembling to the experts, whoever they may be. I’ll be okay, broken strollers and all.

Have a great day, everyone!

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