The Friday Five!

1. So this week, we have officially gone cold turkey off of ALL baby food. (And when I say we, I mean my daughter, FYI. Something about having children makes you start speaking of yourself as a group, like, all the time.) I know, I know. She’s too old to even consider eating baby food anymore. But she really hardly eats ANYTHING else, so I’ve always just kind of reasoned that it was the only way to get vegetables and fruit in her. But no more. I am hardcore, all solids or bust. She is not liking it, any more than I like that fact that she seems to only want to eat orange colored foods (mac and cheese, carrots, cantaloupe, and bunny crackers.) I mean, who is she, Billy Bob Thornton? Her doctor said we had to be firm, offer her what we’re eating, and eventually she’ll come around. So far, still all orange. But I am hopeful. What else can I be?

2. After about a week of gorgeous, flip-flop appropriate, summery weather, this weekend it is supposed to be cold and rainy. Ah, March, how you play with us. At least there is basketball, and LOTS of it. Now I just need to teach Sasha to sit quietly and watch a game in its entirety. How hard can it be? I mean, the ball’s orange!

3. In the book department, I’m now re-reading Jill McCorkle’s awesome Ferris Beach, as well as Meg Wolitzer’s The Ten Year Nap. In the car, I just finished listening to Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, and I have to say it was a REALLY good read. (Or listen? I’m not sure what the proper terminology is.) Like Gordon Ramsey, Bourdain is a swaggering kind of egomaniac, but he’s more self-deprecating, which kind of evens it out. It’s made me curious to check out his show, although I’m a bit squeamish and I THINK he spends a lot of time eating things like brains and livers (of animals, but still). But I guess if I’m expecting Sasha to try new food, so to speak, I should too.

4. In other exciting book news, Lock and Key will be released in the UK on April 2nd, which is very exciting. I’ll be doing a live chat that day—details to follow later—and it has a new cover! Check it out:

5. Finally, regular readers of this blog know that I heart Megan McCafferty. Not only does she write the Jessica Darling books, which I adore, but we both are MAJOR Barry Manilow fans. Yesterday, though, Megan sent me evidence that she totally kicks my butt in terms of Barry devotion. Want proof? Check this out:

Okay, Megan. You win. You are the ultimate Fanilow.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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