Yesterday, after almost five straight days of rain, the sun finally came out. It happened slowly: a bit of blue sky here, a shaft of sudden yellow light there. By late afternoon, the sky was clear and the sun shining, albeit faintly, but we still all went outside to bask in it. I have to give major props to you folks in Seattle and other mostly rainy climates: I don’t know how you do it. I was DREAMING of sunshine, I needed it so bad.

In other news, a first for me the other night: I ate venison. Yes, that’s deer. And you know what? It TOTALLY freaked me out. Why, I have no idea. My husband kept pointing out that I eat cows and chickens and pigs with no problem, but there’s something about eating deer—like the deer that I see walking across my yard on a daily basis—that just gave me the skeevies. Call me a hypocritical carnivore, you’d be right. Was it good? I guess so. Will I do it again? I doubt it.


I just finished watching President Obama pick his NCAA bracket on GMA, and I was VERY pleased to see that my Tarheels were in his final four (the other three, for those of you who are interested: Louisville, Memphis and Pitt). Personally, I’m doing my bracket later today, using my patented mix of a tiny bit of knowledge and my gut feelings. Laurie Halse Anderson, author of the awesome Speak and upcoming Wintergirls (out tomorrow!) are planning to reprise our annual bet. If her team, Syracuse, goes further, I donate a signed copy of Along for the Ride to her library. If UNC lasts longer, the Chapel Hill library gets a signed copy of Wintergirls. It’s a good natured bet, which is the best kind. Let the Madness begin!

Speaking of madness, it’s the regular chaos around here. Hammers banging outside, dogs whining endless because I’ve had to barricade them in the playroom while a plumber comes to fix a stopped-up sink, and the clock quickly ticking on the time Sasha will entertain herself in her crib upstairs (about twenty minutes left and counting). A lot of you wrote in after my last entry, where I talked about feeling overwhelmed, telling me you had the same problem and offering good suggestions for solutions. First up, I put that picture of the beach from my last entry on my desktop, and now force myself to take a deep breath every time I see it. Second, I’ve decided to take a little break for a few days, take some time off and just be with my family and try (try!) to let everything fall by the wayside. So there probably won’t be a Friday Five this week, and my Twitter and Facebook updates may get kind of stale. If you send me an email, you might not hear back right away. But I am hoping that when I DO come back, I’ll feel fresher and happier and just, you know, better. Here’s hoping.

Have a great day (and weekend!) everyone!

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