Yesterday, a reader alerted me to this, a description from the TLC show Bringing Home Baby:
Beth and Mike can’t wait to bring home their twins girls, Remy and Macy. When mom’s C-section forces her to stay in bed, can dad handle baby duty alone with their two bundles of joy?

Remy and Macy? Can this be a coincidence, really? It seems unlikely, but I don’t want to assume someone would actually name their kids after my narrators. Still: very cool.

Things have been busy here, gearing up for the new book. On Monday afternoon, it was like everything just BEGAN: I took a quick nap, woke up, and had six emails in my inbox, all about interviews, touring, and the like. Yikes! Then yesterday, I had a talk with my fab publicist, Allison, about where I’ll be going and when. I’d be lying if I said that just the thought of leaving my daughter overnight didn’t immediately send me into a panic. But she’s a year older than she was when I had to travel for Lock and Key, so with the help of my husband, parents, mother-in-law, cousin and intrepid babysitters, I think we MIGHT be able to do this. I say we, but I mean me, of course. I have no doubt that Sasha will be fine. It’ll be me weeping on the way to the airport, freaking out that there is so much distance between us. Taking her with me, though, would be harder on everyone, I know that. Although it is still tempting.

I guess it’s a classic parenting thing, feeling so torn. On the one hand I am SO excited about Along for the Ride and getting to go out and share it with the world. I can’t wait! But then I am so sad to leave my baby, and worried she’ll forget me, or miss me so much I do permanent damage to her, all of which I know is ridiculous. Here I am, a girl raised in the 70’s with Ms. Magazine and Ann Romano who never doubted for a second that yes, I could have it all. Of course I can! But now, facing the calendar and this mix of excitement and fear, I am not so sure. Maybe all is too much to ask for. Some would be just fine.

*reads over entry*

Okay, THAT got deep. Sorry about that. Let’s see, what can I do to lighten the mood? Maybe talk about Rock of Love Bus, and how I REALLY was bummed to see Beverly go? And now, I don’t know who to pull for? Or maybe I could talk about how I honestly feel like I am the ONLY person still watching Grey’s Anatomy, which stinks because lately it’s been really good and I have nobody to talk to about it. I could mention how addicted I am right now to Pandora Internet radio, especially my personalized Ben Lee Radio. Or maybe, just for kicks, I could just show you this, a little hint at the contest I’ll be announcing in the next week or so:

Okay, I’m officially back in the light now. Amazing what some pop culture and a little dog can do.
Have a great day, everyone!

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