The Friday Five!

1. Yesterday, I decided I needed to do something frivolous. I had a morning to myself, a rare thing, and a list of To Dos longer than my arm. Get car inspected, go to bank/post office/drugstore/grocery store, you know the drill. I got the car done, then sat outside the inspection place, in the rain, contemplating. Going to run all my errands would make me feel good, in that I-got-things-done kind of way. But I feel like I am ALWAYS getting things done, and while that’s good, sometimes, you need a bit of doing nothing to balance it out. So before I could stop myself, I drove over to the nail salon and walked right in for a basic manicure. Sure, I knew I’d mess it up before I even left the parking lot (and I did, smudging my thumbnail, so typical). And I knew it really wouldn’t get me any closer to the sense of Doneness that I crave. But still, I did it, and I am glad. Every time I look at my (smudged) nails I am reminded that it’s okay to just let go for awhile. And look! No hangnails!

2. In other news, I’ve been waging war lately with my Flip Mino camcorder and iMovie. When I first started using them together, it was a happy arrangement. They got along so well! Now, though, whenever I try to import video from my Flip, iMovie crashes. I have tried EVERY online solution I could find, from tech forum after tech forum. This seems to be a common problem, at yet no one knows how to fix it. It is so frustrating! I love my Flip. But to use it, I have to bust out my old PC. I know Steve Jobs would not like to hear that. Score one for Microsoft, I guess.

3. I’ve been seeing a lot of news stories the last couple of weeks about the new White House garden, and how the Obama family is going to plant vegetables there this summer in hopes of encouraging the rest of the country to do the same. I have to say, we are already in on this: we put up a deer fence earlier this year, and have just trucked in dirt, made plots, and planted a bunch of seedlings given to us by a friend who owns a farm. Sasha and I have made regular trips out to look at the plants, admiring the little green sprouts and the lettuce leaves already showing. It’s exciting….and scary. Because I KNOW our yard. I know that just because there’s a fence doesn’t mean the deer can’t get in, no matter what kind of guarantees a company gives about their product. And if the deer are kept out, there’s still the issue of the squirrels, who ate all our peaches last year, and dug up all my bulbs I planted in pots on the back deck. Sure, it’s all nice now. But what about in a week, two, three? I want to believe it will work this time, the same way I wanted to believe in the sprays we used, and the home remedies, and the other fences. Really. But like my manicure, I am not exactly hopeful. I will try not to get to attached to that image of Sasha picking broccoli in a few weeks. If it happens, though, it will be miraculous.

4. My Tarheels play Gonzaga tonight, with a ten pm tipoff. My goodness. I LOVE my team, but 10pm to START? Clearly none of the players or coaches or sportscasters have an 18 month old who will expect to get up at 6am no matter how late the game goes. As with everything, I have to weigh it: do I want to see the game badly enough to feel like I’ve been hit by a truck for most of Saturday? Well….yeah. I guess so. Maybe I’ll just make the coffee EXTRA strong and hope for the best.

5. Finally, it’s been kind of a long week. And sometimes, you need to end a long week with something cathartic. Like, maybe….a drag queen lip sync competition. I know that it’s not everyone’s thing, so feel free to skip past this. But if you like RuPaul and Drag Queens, and need a bit of a lift, then check out my girl Shanelle (and yes, it’s pronounced Chanel, and yes, that’s how she spells it) literally flip her wig:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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