Okay, so I won’t spend TOO much time talking about basketball this morning other than to say 1) Final Four! and 2) My bracket is pretty much shot. I think UNC is the only team I picked that is still in it. Of course, my husband, who pretty much picked at random, is doing just fine. Go figure.

In other news, I have LOTS of stuff to tell you about, so I’m just going to get right to it. First up, I am VERY excited to announce the official opening of Sarah-land. It’s a new website and online community put together by my publisher to celebrate Along for the Ride and the paperback release of Lock and Key. When you click on that link, it’ll take you to a log-in page, which asks for a password. Type in the word LULLABY and you’re in! There’s a video from me, some Q&A and, most exciting, an online community you can join to post pics, videos, and talk with other readers. I’ve always wanted to have some kind of forum for my novels, so I’m really happy to finally have a place where we can all meet up. We’ll also be running contests and have giveaways and all kinds of other cool stuff, so stay tuned.

Visit Sarah-land

In other cyber-news, I’m going to be doing an online chat later this week to celebrate the UK release of Lock and Key. It’ll be on myblissco.uk from 5-6 pm GMT (that’s 12-1pm EST) on Thursday, so if you’re around, come on over. I am hoping I can type fast without too many errors, as that is always my downfall with online chats. Maybe I should do a few typing tests to hone my skills?

Finally, I can’t believe that March is almost over. It seems like almost yesterday, literally, that I was welcoming its beginning with open arms. It’s been rainy month, and not exactly springlike, but today, the sun is out. My sugar snap peas are growing like crazy, and have not been attacked by deer or squirrels (yet). So I am hopeful for April. Even if it IS supposed to rain on the first day….

Have a good Monday, everyone!

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