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Okay, so today is April Fool’s Day. Which means that if you are, like me, an incredibly gullible person, you have to incorporate an entire other step into your thought process for the next twenty four hours. Every single thing people say to me, I have to think: are they playing a trick? Think, Dessen! Think! Invariably, though, I fall for something, as I did for NPR’s joke story about school mascots this morning. And I ALMOST fell for Gmail’s new “autopilot” feature, which supposedly has technology that can answer your emails for you. But then, I thought. Still, I think it’s going to be a long day.

One thing that is NOT A JOKE: Friday Night Lights has been renewed for two more seasons! When I first saw that Micheal Ausiello twittered this, I almost passed out from excitement. Here I was hoping they’d just hang on for ONE season, as they’ve done ever since the beginning, and we get two! I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. I know everyone who doesn’t watch this show is sick to death of me talking about it. But everyone who does understands why it being cancelled would be a serious travesty. Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose! Hooray!

Speaking of Twitter, I had what I would have been SURE was an April Fool’s trick happen, except it was Monday and still March, so I knew I was in the clear. I sent a @message to Sam Champion, GMA weatherman and My Idol, and…he wrote back! Ahhhhhhh! I was so excited. I know I am a total nerd about my love for Sam, but this really made my day. Okay, I’ll stop geeking out now.

Finally, I have to comment on how the Sarah-land community has TOTALLY blown up in the last few days. Over 400 new members since I linked to it on Monday! You can check out the main site, Sarah-land (password is LULLABY) or go straight to the forums and community here. I have been trying hard to keep up with the discussions and new members as much as I can. It’s so fun to see who shows up! And to hear which male character people like best. Last I checked, Wes was in the lead. Sa-woon!

I hope that you all have happy, safe, joke-free and low-gullability April Fool’s Day. Personally, I’m just going to really think before I speak or react, which is, actually, good advice for all days of the year. We’ll see how I do.

Have a great day, everyone!

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