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Okay, so I’ll get this out of the way first: Woo-hoo! As in, my Tarheels are in the FINAL game of the NCAA tournament. It’s tonight, I’m incredibly nervous, and it’ll be a miracle if I can concentrate on anything else until 9pm tonight when tipoff happens. But I will try.

In other news, a reminder from my last entry: because of many impassioned pleas from my Canadian readers, we’ve decided to open up the contest to them as well. We were just trying to keep things simple, but you guys were so bummed, and we heard you. So, US and Canadian residents only. I am working on doing an international contest down the road for those who can’t do this one. Stay tuned!

Speaking of the contest, we’ve already gotten a BUNCH of entries, which is just so exciting. My awesome assistant, Parker, is handling the submissions, but I am checking in on them regularly, and I love seeing what you guys have come up with. You rock. But you already know that, right?

In other rock news….Rock of Love Bus, my guiltiest of guilty pleasures, is now down to two girls, Taya and Mindy. Personally, I was kind of pulling for Ashley, who got cut ages ago, so I’m not sure who to pull for. I mean, it’s bad that I’m even WATCHING this show, much less being invested in the outcome. And do I really think that Bret is going to finally “find love” this season, when he hasn’t for the last two and (as he pointed out on last night’s show) Rock of Love is VH!’s number one show? Bret settling down wouldn’t exactly bode well for next season. So whoever he ends up with, I have a feeling it might not be forever. But maybe I’m being too negative?

This weekend, thanks to DVR and it showing on two separate networks, I finally got to the end of season three of Friday Night Lights. It was awesome, as always. I found myself tearing up MULTIPLE times, but especially when Tyra’s mom gave her this impassioned speech about how her dreams will come true. I am a sucker for a motivational mom speech, I swear. I wish I could find it to link to but you will just have to take my word for it.

Now, I’m off to enjoy this day here in my favorite place, Chapel Hill. I already know that when I’m out today, I’ll just FEEL this excitement in the air, people pumped about tonight. Flags will be flying, UNC gear will be worn. Whatever happens tonight, I will be reminded of why I have stayed here all these years, that it is that perfect mix of small town and big happenings. I love being (and raising) a Carolina girl.

Have a great day, everyone!

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