The Friday Five!

1. On Wednesday, I shot a book trailer for Along for the Ride. We filmed part of it at a local bike shop, Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro, and part of it out at my house, and the whole experience was really fun and totally chaotic. Imagine me and the camera guy, Will, at Back Alley with lights and cords and cameras, and Jason and Ben trying to work in the background (they were so nice and patient to let us film there, I am in their debt forever) plus customers coming in with their bikes and questions, wondering why some girl is sitting on a stool talking about books. Plus Basta the boxer, alternately sniffing cords and sleeping on the couch. Frankly, I was just glad it all came together, as I was so busy I had no time to prepare, much less shop. If you’d told me two years ago that I’d film something that was going to be on the internet for the ENTIRE WORLD to see and not wearing something new with my hair styled nicely, I would have thought you were nuts. Well, welcome to motherhood. I am always flying by the seat of my pants these days, most preparation lost behind me, and you know what? Somehow, it just works. Weird, right?

2. In other news, our boy Anoop (we claim him, as Chapel Hill locals) got through to the next round of Idol, although not without landing in the bottom two first. I have to say, I’m a sucker for a good Cyndi Lauper song, and True Colors is one of my faves. I mean, I did come of age in the eighties, after all. (Okay, all you born in 1990 or later can stop laughing now. Really. Stop. Thank you!) Personally, I want him to go all the way, if only because I would LOVE to see Idol come to Chapel Hill they way they always come to the finalists’ hometowns. How great would that be? Like we haven’t had enough excitement around here lately. We’ll see what happens.

3. This week, I did a serious purge of my closet, and man, did it feel good. I FINALLY threw away a bunch of clothes that I’d been hanging onto out of guilt/affection/surety that I would eventually wear them, although it was physically hard to actually put the into the bag for the thrift shop. I did hold aside a few things, like a bunch of Michael Stars shirts that look bad on me but would look good on someone, to offer to my friends, but even they will end up gone somehow. As I do each time I clean out my closet, I vowed that I would NO LONGER BUY ANYTHING I AM NOT SURE I WILL LOVE AND WEAR. I mean, enough impulse shopping. From now on, I am all practicality, buying only what I need, when I need it. Oh, and no more flipflops, period. Okay…maybe that’s a bit strict. Shoot, see? I’m already backsliding!

4. I recently read (and blurbed because I loved it so much) Elizabeth Scott’s latest, Something, Maybe. Because Elizabeth knows I’m kind of into TV (understatement) she sent me as a thank you the full series Grosse Pointe on DVD. Hello, why have I never watched this show? It’s a take-off on 90210 (so many great in-jokes) created by Darren Star, who did 9er and Sex in the City. It’s hilarious and I am so loving it, I am trying to pace myself so to not race through it too fast. I love when I find a show I never knew about and it is this fun to watch. I mean, when I watch TV. Which isn’t, ahem, all that much.

5. Finally, the entries for our contest keep coming in, and we are LOVING seeing what you guys are submitting. I wish I could share them all, but here are two for you to see, by Mallory and Amanda:

So cool, right? I love it. Keep them coming!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. So, Sarah-land the website continues to have a few bugs. But the community is going strong. So go there directly if you are interested. Thanks!

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