The Friday Five!

1. I just spent about a half hour going through ALL the entries for the contest, and I have to say that they are all so good. I love seeing which quotes people picked, and how they resonated with different readers. It’s incredibly flattering and, to be honest, a little emotional. I mean, you always hope that when you put a book out there that people will connect with it. But seeing actual proof, right before your eyes….wow. It’s awesome. There are still about two weeks to enter, so if you haven’t yet and want to, you have plenty of time. Keep ’em coming!

2. Okay, so I just saw on Google News (my ultimate online news source) that Heidi Klum is pregnant again. That four the FOURTH time, for those of you keeping track. Holy sandwiches! (Can you tell I am working on my language, now that my daughter parrots everything I say?) I am constantly amazed by people who have more than one kid, not to mention FOUR. And this is Heidi Klum, who also seems to lose her baby weight in about thirty seconds, and of course looks beautiful pregnant as well. (I did not. At all. Just being honest.) Anyway, yay for Heidi. I wonder if she gets any sleep at all?

3. Speaking of famous moms, Tori Spelling has a new book out (a fact I was kindly reminded of by Meg Cabot’s blog AND she was on 90210 this week. It’s on my DVR, but I haven’t watched it yet as—to be totally honest—-I kind of stopped watching the new 9er awhile back. I know, I know. But it’s hard for me, because I so loved the old show, and I just sometimes feel like I want it to stay pure and cheesy and perfect, like it was, without being colored in this new light, with Kelly as a guidance counselor and Brenda teaching drama and all that. I mean, it’s like with some old friends, when you realize it’s a better thing to just love your memories than try to stay close with people you no longer have much in common with. Maybe I’m just cynical, though, which is why I taped this episode. If anyone can turn me around, it’s Donna Martin.

4. In other high school news (sorta) is it weird that I REALLY want to see 17 Again? I know it’s basically the same story as 13 Going on 30 (which I LOVED) but it has Matthew Perry in it, and I have missed him so much since Friends went off the air. I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip basically JUST for him. I know most people (i.e. women) will run to the theater to see Zach Efron, but personally, I am a Perry girl. I just love me the Chan-chan man!

5. Finally, I think I’ve written here before about how I am a bit dismayed by some of the fashion offerings for the toddler set. It seems like a lot of times when I am out shopping for playclothes for Sasha, all I can find are shorty-shorts and belly shirts that say things like PRINCESS or DEVIL. And I’m just not ready to go there yet. Bathing suits are even harder. I mean, do I REALLY need to put my baby in a bikini? Or a bandeau? Is that necessary? There were some toddler suits that I wouldn’t even wear, they exposed so much skin, and that’s even if the sun issue wasn’t even part of it. Yesterday, though, I hit the jackpot at Old Navy, where i found a basic tank suit, with stripes. Cute and covers a lot (although I will be slathering on the sunscreen as well as forcing her to wear a hat, I am HARDCORE about my SPF protection due to a skin cancer I had removed a few years back). I know there will come a time when she will want to wear belly shirts and short shorts, or whatever the 2020-era version of that will be. But we don’t have to go there yet. Childhood is pretty awesome. You need to slow down and enjoy it. Preferably, while adequately covered.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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