The week ahead

So it’s Sunday night, we’ve had a great weekend, and yet as I sit here, I feel that weird Sunday night dread, like I used to when I was still in school. Which is so odd, because I don’t have school tomorrow, just errands and email and everything else that makes up a typical day for me. Isn’t it strange how some things from childhood just stay with you, even when you are sure you should have outgrown them? It’s been awhile since I had somewhere I absolutely had to be each Monday morning, week after week. And yet, around this time, early evening on Sunday, I just feel that weight, pulling me down.

Oh, well. At least there’s the Rock of Love reunion tonight to look forward to. Who wants to bet me that Taya and Bret are NOT together anymore? Actually, never mind, I don’t even want to risk a wager. Really, all you want out of these reunions is a replay of the craziness and maybe a bit of a slapdown. My money’s on Mindy or Ashley. I mean, if I was betting, which I am not.

In other news, with less than two months until my pub date, I’ve been totally trying to get myself in book tour shape. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out traveling and doing events, and since it looks like I’ll be hitting both coasts in a two week period—more details as I have them, promise—I feel like I need to do all I can to prepare myself. Which means trying to keep rested, delegate more, and figure out something to do with my hair, which I am so sick of right now. Okay, I know the hair thing is silly, but really, sometimes I think I am the LAMEST person possible because I pretty much have had the same haircut for the last ten years. So every once in awhile, I get antsy and think I need to change it up and get some bangs. Cute, right? New style, new options. But then, right as I’m about to pick up the phone to call Lars and make an appointment, I remember something. Like this:

(be kind, I was young)
Or this:

(Be kind, it was 1988!)
This is a little better, but not much:

(The dog’s cute, right?)

Yeah. So, maybe not the bangs. I guess I’ll stick with the old tried and true.

But maybe I should think about going blonde? Hmmmm….

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Have a great week, everyone!