for once!

Okay, first off, I just have to comment on all the nice things you guys have said about what I consider to be my unfortunate high school hair days. Thank you for NOT mocking me. Personally, I think maybe I might do the bangs, but after the book tour, in case they are a disaster. And for those who have asked, the boy in the prom picture is named Jeff Jones and he was just the nicest guy ever. I am sure he will be thrilled if he ever finds out I put our picture up on the internet. Sorry, Jeff!

Speaking of trends, kind of, my editor just alerted me to a coincidence I felt I just HAD to mark for you. Especially considering I am always the last to be in fashion when it comes to anything. But. But! Remember my key necklace my friend Travis designed for me, in honor of Ruby from Lock and Key? Here it is in one of the contest examples I made:

And here are the new Tiffany Key necklaces, just out now:

Awfully similar, yes? Now, I’m not saying I inspired them by any means. Just that for ONCE, I am on the leading edge of a trend (by a year or so!) than on the tail end of it. Maybe this means I should do something really rad with my hair, and it will be in style by next summer?

Okay, maybe not. Still, exciting!

Have a great day, everyone!

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